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Get ready guys, Just saw on Drudge, another school shooting, Floridah. 17 dead and 14 wounded. They'll start beating the drums again. God have mercy on those innocent souls down there.


  • I’ve been wondering when it would show up here.

    Nicklaus Cruz, NOT a student at the school was identified as the shooter.

    The stupid was already being spewed before they had him in custody. Sheila Jackson Lee can’t let a good disaster pass her by.
  • Several sources online (not the most reliable admittedly) are showing the shooter in Communist shirts and Antifa swag. Working to find more credible sources than FB profile photos and links from so so media, but thought it worth sharing to get some of you digging as well to see what you could find on that front, confirmation or refuting evidence.
  • THis was a "Gun-free Zone." Doesn't that mean that Criminals intent on Mass Murder will see the sign and turn around? After all, it's a HUGE concentration of Innocent un-Armed Victims. No Criminal would break the Law, would they?

    What I want to know is: "Why don't Libs declare Roads 'Accident-free Zones?' Outlaw seatbelts in cars; then, there won't be any injuries. Simple! :D

    A Headline that I haven't seen yet: "129,188 USA Schools DIDN'T have mass shootings yesterday." What makes THIS school Different?
  • One of my more liberal leaning friends shared a meme on FB today, it claims 29 mass shootings in 2018 in 45 days. Looking at the numbers it doesn’t add up the way they are pushing the narrative, but that narrative is being pushed. HARD.

    I don’t want the tragedy lost in the discussion, last I looked 17 people were dead and dozens injured because of a freak hateful douchecanoe.

    So as this discussion hopefully moves forward, how can we make the laws we already have more effective? What new laws can we add that don’t infringe on law abiding citizens but restrict access to those who can’t own? What laws on the books can we just get rid of because they literally do nothing or so little they are effectually ineffective?

    There is a discussion to be had and we can’t just screech back at the screechers.

    And as a spitball, if we were to release a “media statement”, concise and to the point without belittling, what would the majority here agree on as “our” statement about this most recent tragedy and how we can work to prevent these in the future without infringing on peoples rights?
  • Just heard this on Laura Ingram: school had 7 Security Ofrs and 2 Police.
    1st Victim, was Chief Security who was alerted by Student that Shooter was assembling rifle in Bathroom and told Student "You better run."
  • Update: turns out that Shooter's Adoptive Mother dies last year. He was mercilessly bullied at School, and Officials chose to Expel him as the VICTIM rather than deal w the PROBLEM.

    In order for the School to maximize their State and Federal Funding, they need to "Clear" all the Reports of "Bullying" from their Records. So, the Weasel way out of this Situation, is to 'Blame the Victim.' Nicolas knew this and saw that hopefully his Action would draw attention to this Institutional Victimization of Children. (Though of course the Narrative is that "Guns are Bad" not that the Educational-Penal Pipeline is the Institutional Crisis.)

    Apparently this caused Shooter a great deal of Angst, and he stewed over this. He learned to defend himself and acquire weapons (long gun and knives) and then returned to the scene of his Victimization for Retribution.

    Him returning as a School Shooter was openly discussed amongst the Students. They doubted that his Sense of Ethics would allow him to rest in the Dustbin of History, while the AGGRESSORS and ENABLERS went on to great things within the System.

    (This in NO WAY exonerates Shooter's Actions. This Post is intended SOLELY to lend Background and Nuance that MSM probably won't heavily cover b/c it doesn't fit their Narrative.)
  • The thing is that we are conditioned to do certain things. In the schools if a fire alarm goes off they are not told get out of the school the fastest way possible. They walk down the halls to a nearby exit and then out. This creates a funnel for people.

    This jackhat Nickolas Cruz knew procedure. He pulled the fire alarm and let his victims come to him. Why is it that we train people to leave their homes through windows and in schools we just lead them to slaughter. Schools need to do more to protect the youth of this nation. Number 1, fire alert systems have gotten much more advanced with the advent of technology. Why are there still alarms that can be manually pulled. Sensors could be put in rooms and should the connection be broke or the sensors tripped the alarms go off. This eliminates the opportunity for someone to pull an alarm and lay in wait for his or her victims.

    Number 2 armed instructors should be leading these students through the halls in the case of an alarm. The elder heads our first and ensures the alarm is not a trap. Of course this may lead to more teachers losing their lives but it would lead to less kids losing theirs. Plus the only reason these losers choose the targets they do is because they are soft, low risk targets. They know they will be able to inflict as much damage as possible in the least amount of time. With little chance of confrontation or opposition.

    Number 3. Our kids are trained for every single scenario. Earthquakes, tornados, fire, literally everything. Yet when it comes to active shooters we tell them to shelter in place. Essentially we train them to be sitting ducks when the shit gets real. Why? Because someone at one time said it’s better to hide them to fight. If the first 18 kids into the hallway all had a fight response to seeing this jackwagon with his gas mask and gun, then in all likelihood the casualties would have been much lower if not non existent at all. We need to stop telling people that if they get shot, that’s it, you die. In reality the shots need to be to critical areas of the body in order to kill you. We need to explain that yes getting shot hurts, and there is a chance you will die should you confront a shooter, but there is actually a better chance that you live through the attack and in the process you save the lives of potentially hundreds.

    When I went to school ethics was taught in a morbid but effective way. If a train is heading down a track and you are next to the track switch and see that if the train goes one way 3 kids are going to get hit and killed by the train, but you can switch the train to the other track, would you? Even if you saw 3 elderly individuals who would get killed if you did. Yes I would. The elderly people have lived a good long life and the children have their whole lives ahead of them. Simple choice throw the switch and hope that no one gets killed, but know you set the future up by ensuring the youth continue to exist.
  • Great post Taurus!

    That last Moral Dilemma is an interesting 1. Do you know what the Law states? If the train would hit 3 ppl if you do nothing, and 1 if you pull the Switch; then your choice is btwn 3 Counts of Negligent Manslaughter vs 1 Count of Premeditative Murder.

    So, Presumptive Probation if you do nothing. Or, 20-99yrs if you save 2 ppl. :'(
  • And now it come out the FBI knew about the threats from the shooter. We see how far warning them goes.
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    Admin wrote: »
    And as a spitball, if we were to release a “media statement”, concise and to the point without belittling, what would the majority here agree on as “our” statement about this most recent tragedy and how we can work to prevent these in the future without infringing on peoples rights?
    Since Security was notified and responding, presumably he notified Office via Radio. Where was the Follow-up? Were additional OFRs sent to assist? How many were Armed?

    Instead of the Fire Alarm, why didn't Office announce over Intercom that a "Possibly Armed Person" was spotted and Students shouldn't enter Hallways or Public Areas until "All Clear" Signal is given?

    Are Classroom Doors reinforced? A thin layer of SpectraShield would easily fit inside as insulation. This would make them Projectile and Blast resistant while still allowing rapid removal/destruction/opening in case of Fire, etc.

    What if he had pressure cookers? He could have lined the Hallways w Pressure Cookers BEFORE he pulled the Fire Alarm. Then he would have funneled 80%+ of Students into Narrow Kill Channels and Command-detonated them as the Hallways filled.

    We STILL don't have serial numbers, background checks, and 200$ ATF Stamps for Kitchen Appliances. What ever happened to that? (This last is obviously Snark. >:) )
  • Why is this even a National Issue?

    FL has passed Laws PREVENTING Armed Teachers. In fact, in another Incident, 1 Teacher had to park his car down the street from School Property BECAUSE he was banned from bringing his CHL pistol onto School Property. He had to abandon his Students, rush off of School Property, down the street to retrieve his pistol, then return to School (out of breath) to attempt to engage the Threat.

    WTF?!?!? We disarm the Victims so that Criminals intent upon Mass Murder have an easier Group of Targets?!?!?!

    States that allow Teachers w CHLs to LAWFULLY CARRY in the Classroom don't have these Casualty #s. Often, no Criminal is foolish enough to go onto those Schools.

    DC should get out of the way and let LOCALS decide if they want their Children protected, or victimized. Just as FL has so chosen. :( :'(
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    WR - the moral dilemma really is a damned if you do damned if you don’t scenario. Either way you shall face a jury trial. In my experience a jury tends to be more sympathetic to a person who took action than to a person who did nothing.

    A valid arguement for my decision would be that in the haste of seeing what was going on I saw the children and decided to change the course of the train thus sparing them from their deaths, and thus by this action I would contend that under Good Samaritan law I am protected from being prosecuted on the events that insued after that track change takes place. Since the burden of proof lie with the prosecutor they must prove that I knowingly made the decision to kill the elderly.

    Now as for the murder charge itself one would only need argue at the very most it is involuntary manslaughter. For it to be considered murder there cannot be justification or valid cause. Saving the love of 3 children totaling say 200 years of life vs the live of 3 elderly totaling maybe 30 years of life is just cause in my mind. Another condition to count it a murder is the forethought of malice. In the case of choosing one life over another there could be malice, but in that of the moral dilemma I posed there presumably is none.

    Had Johnny planned to drown his little brother I. The bathtub, and upon arriving in the bathroom found him passed out. If Johnny does nothing to help him it could be considered premeditated murder by inaction.

    But back to the topic at hand.

    The statement I would release would go like this.

    First I would like to say Our thoughts and prayers are with those of you affected by this henious action. There is absolutely no excuse for the actions of this young man here today. There is never any reason good enough for the loss of life that we saw here today. I would like to thank those that took action during this crisis in an attempt to save lives, yours were lost, but the actions you took may have saved countless. Thank you coach Aaron Feis, you sir are a hero. To those injured we wish you a speedy recovery, and hope that the effects of this day weigh lightly upon you throughout the rest of your wonderful life. For those whom will not see tomorrow based on this child’s actions, We weep for you and your families. It is sad that in today’s society our children must live their lives in a constant state of fear. It weighs heavy on us that we see a solution to this problem, but our politician are to gutless to take the necessary actions. Today we call on all our elected officials to say enough is enough. It’s time we enact common sense legislation that protects this nation’s future. Today as we mourn the loss of even more great minds from this community, we ask that our legislature push to instill armed guards at all schools. Let’s have our teachers trained like law enforcement in how to handle these types of situations. Allow the Shepard’s of our youth the tools required to adequately protect our nation’s future. Today we need to eliminate these soft targets that these mentally deficient people continue to attack. Let’s put in place a system that makes our children less attractive for targeting. And from this day forward, let’s stop sensationalizing the perpetrators of these actions. The fools who take such cowardess actions against the children of our nation deserve nothing less than to die nameless. These people need to be stripped of their celebrity and we need to stop making this a way for people to make a name for themselves. If you want to be remembered let it be for something positive. So for today’s news cycle in place of the offender let’s focus on the heroes who rose up through these actions. Let’s breed a culture where heroes are rewarded the glory and these criminals are spat on like the inaffectual morons they truly are.

    Thank you
  • And now there is this.


    Because any group affiliated with this asshat must just be jumping for joy to admit he was associated. I guess they can’t come out and say he was a part of some Syrian terrorist organization. Can we all just agree he is a giant piece of garbage.
  • Taurus, you are completely correct.

    You correctly stated that this is an Ethics ?. I changed it to a "Moral" ?. Ethics is Universal, Morality is "Community Standards." Thus if it is "customary" to punch babies in the mouth, that is "Moral" but not "Ethical."

    This Scenario can be run several ways. 3 Elderly ppl vs 1 Promising young Child; or 3 Terminal Cancer Patients vs one Scientist w the Cure to Cancer.

    However, when I first came across this Scenario 2 decades ago, I wondered "what does the Law have to say about this?" (ie: what has Society decided about this and taken the Steps to enact into Law.)

    I was shocked at the Answer. However, have since learned of "safety valves" that allow "Exclusions, Justifications, Jury Nullification, etc."

    You mention 1 that is available to you. But since a Judge decides Matters of Law, what if: Self-defense, prevention of Harm, Good Samaritan, etc Defenses are prohibited at Trial? The Jury never learns the Facts of "3 terminal cancer patients vs 1 Scientist w Cure for Cancer?" They only learn "3 sad, pathetic young people vs 1 old man." These are the Problems that used to keep me awake at night 2 decades ago.
  • Great Statement for Public Release BTW. :)
  • Even if the judge makes the facts inadmissible one only need to plant the seed with the jury. Jury instructions are not so effective that once something is heard and a judge strikes it from record that the jury automatically doesn’t think on it. In any murder trial it must be proven beyond reasonable doubt. Meaning all jurors must come back guilty. Only one juror is required to win a defense, 12 are required to win a prosecution. If in a case like this the thought process behind making the decision doesn’t get heard it is through ineffective defense litigation and a problem cause by a weak lawyer.
  • Mildly Useless wrote: "Leader of local white nationalist group....ummm what leader of what group. How is this a valid news post?"

    This is the best ? for this "article." What makes a group "white nationalist?" Are they a Hispanic Group against Illegal Immigration? Are they Blacks in a Labor Union? Both of those could be "white nationalist" even though neither are truly "white."

    You are correct T, maybe "La Raza" needs to be attributed with having him as a Member. Maybe some Dem wants to write praise for him. Wouldn't both of those "False Flags" be equally valid "News?"
  • BTW, I hope that the Secondary Victims (those that didn't die in the Shooting) will sue the HECK out of the School District and Officials! Maybe they can get some of the Funding that the Officials got in Bonuses and Funding by sweeping this young man's Problems under the Rug and attempting to feather their own Nests!

    I'd like the Principle, Superintendent, and any other Official to face 17 Counts of Conspiracy to Commit Capital Murder for CREATING this incident. It's their MISHANDLING of his victimization that CONSPIRED to create this Loss of Life. They should face Civil and Criminal Charges for their Criminal Acts.
  • So it’s the republic of Florida “militia”

    I smell HR4918. Is someone shaking hands with a Democrat right now.
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    I approve of "T"'s P.R. !!!

    Each and everyone of of as FREE INDIVIDUALS need to be willing to speak out on the truth on far more occasions then what many of you are currently comfortable with.

    Suck it up Buttercups !

    You need to be willing and able to stand our ground and speak the truth now in defense of our First Amendment and in setting the ugly truth right against lies from the LEFT , more so then just willing and waiting to take up your guns in defense of fighting for our Republic later !!!
  • Anyone who “shoots their mouth off” in the name of this site will be immediately and permanently banned.

    Well reasoned and non hysterical statements and plans are what is needed. Hysteria and screaming at each other are why nothing ever gets done or implemented correctly.

    Shooting your mouth off only pisses more people off than a reasonable discussion ever would.
  • Yesterday Senor Cruz was "Latino." Today, he's "white."

    What's the difference and reason for the change? Now he's the "bad guy" like George Zimmerman.

    It's the same in Universal Crime Reports. Victims are "Hispanic" but Perpetrators are only "white" with Hispanic not being an Option.
  • I am not going to post a reaction thread for the newest "op-ed" I posted. Ill just link in the PDF here for anyone who wants it.

    Dear America.pdf
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  • There he is folks
  • Another lockdown right now at highline college in Washington State. Reported shots fired.
  • Renton Washington PD
    1242 x 2208 - 2M
  • It’s a copycat trickle down. There will be a few more
  • (Just to break the Tension: We should have expected that it'd be a soulless Ginger. LOL)

    We had 1 here in Houston CAN Academy. He brought a revolver to school and was discovered in the metal detector. Gave chase and was caught by Security. Charged w Carrying Weapon into Prohibited Place.
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    Here in Kentucky we have every intention of arming our teachers. They already go through the same type of background screening to buy a firearm in order to work with children. We view it like this, you don't need a weapon to injure or kill a child, yet we hand our children over to these strangers EVERY morning, 5 days per week. We trust these folks with the safety of our children. Why then do we not trust them with a weapon that could keep our children safe? Not to start any, but, here in the Ky, where most EVERYONE is packing a weapon of some sort, did any of y'all notice how low our body count was versus the school shootings in anti gun states? No, the shooter wasn't harmed, but, I'm sure in his heart he knew he WOULD be if he had reloaded and continued his spree. The resource officer was closing in on him quick I'm told. Our deputies were "Johnny on the spot". Reloading WOULD have sealed his fate, instead, he dropped his weapon and attempted to hide amongst the very people that he just fired upon. More guns is the answer folks. Only 2 dead here, no less pain, but, less bodies to feel it. We are the land of belt feds, many folks around Kentucky have class 3's, think this Kentucky kid couldn't have gotten his hands on an ACTUAL weapon of war? You're outta your friggin mind to, belt fed machine guns are EXTREMELY common sights at gun ranges here. Did he grab one? Nope, he chose a semi-auto pistol. If WE released any statement, it should be along these lines, "It's the warrior, NOT the weapon. Arm our teachers and stop the killings NOW. Just give back our teachers their RIGHTS to protect our children."
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