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Official release of our first site owned reference guide.

edited February 14 in General
all credit for this information goes to one of our newest members "airforce" thank you for this wealth of information. Please remember we are able to do this as working documents, so if there is ever anything you would like to add please let me know and we can go about having a revision made.

I intend on having these all made available in one place soon, but until we develop a few more i do not wish to have a mostly blank page up.




  • Good stuff!
    I was stuck in a courtroom this afternoon, clerking during a very boring conference where everyone was trying to kiss the judge's ass.
    I don't think anyone else there was reading about Maggot-infested rotten fish and skunk ass! :D
    It really helped me get through the day.
  • I'm glad you liked it. :) The object is to not get maggots into your rotted-down fish. Maggots will turn your nice fish oil into, literally, maggot crap. That makes a good fertilizer, but a pretty lousy lure.
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