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My trip to the gun show

Went to a big gun show near Philadelphia today. Was looking for a MAK-90, but didn't find one.
On the way, I stopped at a little rest area on the side of the highway, and saw an American flag laying on the ground. So I snagged it. After September 11, there were American flags laying on the ground all over the place in New York. I was still riding a lot back then, and I stopped several times during rides to jump off my bike, grab flags that I saw laying on the ground, and then jump back on my bike. A lot of fair weather patriots put flags on their cars, and inevitably the flags would fall off.
So once I got to the show today, I saw a vendor wearing and selling 3%er T-shirts. So I talked to him for a minute, and gave him a card.


  • cool..........isnt it a bit cold to be out on a motorcycle though?
    MAK-90's I dont see much anymore, but Ive been seeing more 74's around lately
  • Please tell us more about this vendor , what did he have to say ?
  • I wasn't riding my motorcycle that day. I can't ride much anymore because of tinnitus. But I was riding a lot in 2001.

    That vendor told me that he used to be part of a team, but isn't anymore, because they had some unreasonable demands.
    I didn't want to talk to him too long, because he was the only one working his table.
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