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Opinions of Girlfriend’s How Much Do They Really Matter?

Disclaimer: this is not a sexist post, it’s a post about a conversation I had a few minutes ago. My longest post inbound, so strap in, put your helmets on, and break out the brain food.

Back story: A friend of my younger brother’s (Andy) is dating a girl that’s quite liberal. Anti gun, feminist type. Her cousin committed suicide with a firearm post service in the Corps, causing her and her family to become anti gun.

The good stuff: This young lady and Andy were having a conversation about Andy getting a handgun when he turns 18. Nothing in Ga law (that I know of) states an 18 year old cannot own a handgun. Her retort was, “Why?”. He said, “To protect myself.” Her response, “Well, who’s coming after you?” He said, “No one, it’s for self defense.” She delivered a diatribe on how it’s ridiculous, guns are bad, blah blah blah. She told her mother about it, her mother asked why he wanted one, and her response was, “to feel like a man I guess.” Just to put it into perspective.

So I will ask you ladies and gents, how much does her opinion weigh in terms of what he owns? They are not married, nor engaged. We all know guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

I had maybe a thirty minute conversation with Andy telling him, “You two aren’t married, and if she wants to be immature so be it. She will either, mature and realize guns are inanimate objects, and can’t hurt anyone. As it stands between you two, you guys are only dating. She has NO say in what you own. Hell, she may just keep her mind made up. Who knows for sure? Introducing her to my guns will do one of two things, A. make her relive the pain of her cousin’s suicide, having the effect of her hatred of guns being set in stone with a Platinum placard, or B. her opinion may change after seeing them, and getting a chance to shoot (highly unlikely). Carrying or owning a gun does NOT make you a man. It’s a tool. For instance, my dad has plenty of tools to work on cars, that doesn’t make him a mechanic. What you do with your firearm can determine manhood in a minuscule degree (hear me out), a man carries a firearm to defend his family, property, loved ones, those around him, and himself (based off Why I carry a gun), and I asked him, “Why do you think I listed himself last? He said, “I don’t know”. Simple, a man is selfless, a man protect his own, what is his, and helps those around him that are in need. Ofcourse this doesn’t mean go out looking for confrontation, or be itching to plant somebody. That’s no way to live. You can’t live switched on all the time. I had to learn that. When I was your age, I was always analyzing everyone around me, and gauging threat levels, and since I learned to switch off, my quality of life has improved. Granted I carry a gun everywhere I go, and it will be used only as long as my unlock codes are breached.”

What are you guys thoughts?


  • Tell Him to Tell that Beyoch to Take a Hike...

    It Would be Nearly Impossible to Change the Spots on That Leopard or Her Family...

    Liberal...Feminist...Anti-Gun... Buh-By
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    If your woman's opinion is anti-2A after you take her to the range then you got the wrong woman walk away. If she won't go to the range and just try it out then wrong woman selfish biatch run away.

    My wife said she was anti gun, but most Europeans are. They have been brainwashed to believe guns are evil and being near one is dangerous. First week we met I took her to shoot a .22 first then 20ga youth. She dropped the 20ga on the first shot, but was fine after that. Now she goes dove hunting. I think giving them a good lesson on gun safety, and explaining it's people that are dangerous not guns. Still never been anyone shot by an unloaded weapon. Cars kill far more people than guns. Having a weapon doesnt make you a man. Not having a weapon however makes your chances of becoming a dead mean more likely.

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    Not necessarily Bob, my wife was deathly afraid of guns when we got together. She witnessed a child kill another child accidentally with an unsecured pistol and was a raped at gun point. That is what set the galvanized the fear in her. Now after almost ten years together she has no problem with them, she even makes sure that one is always within my reach or one on me when I go out of the door.
  • Point taken Barrett...

    BUT, The Liberal...Feminist part of the equation cannot be overlooked...

    Unless the Guy Want's to be a Cuck for the rest of his Life...
  • I don't have a girlfriend but the woman closest to it is pro-2a but highly afrocenteric
  • Use the P. That's what it's there for.

    She has zero say in what he owns or does... with the caveat that it MIGHT affect her behaviour. Do what he wants, but don't shove it in her face. (there's something else that's for.)

    If her Sis had killed herself w Rx meds, would her Family say that Insulin, ChemoTherapy, and Psych meds are all to be avoided by those who could profit from them? Is cancer better than Treatment?

    And being raped w a gun, that COULD have caused your wife Barrett to be PRO having her OWN gun to defend herself.

    I mentioned this to the woman that I was planning to marry 20yrs ago, and she said "I'd rather be raped." That's when I decided to move on. :'(
  • Under 18 and dating a feminist? He needs to live for himself for a while, especially if he’s with someone like that now. And keep it in his pants or very well wrapped so he doesn’t get stuck with her when he probably won’t want to be with her in a year or so.

    My father never let me have a “real” job as a kid because we could afford for me not to need one, there were always chores, extra work around the property, for neighbors, and family to earn extra if I needed it, and in his words, “be a kid now, you have your whole adult life to be an adult.” The same applies for dating when you’re young, or at any time in life really. Live for yourself, look for the lady that makes you want to live for her and that you actually enjoy doing it for because if and when you’re both doing it right, you have the rest of your lives to do it together. If you have to think about living in a way that makes them happy, you’re probably not happy with how you’re living for them because it should come naturally in almost every single way for both of you. If they aren’t an extension of you, don’t stick your extension in it or let them stick their extension in you, move on, and find the one who completes you naturally.

    If he really likes firearms, he needs to move on now. She’s going to be toxic enough right now if they break up, imagine how toxic she will be if they stay together longer or if she gets pregnant, and the worst of all of those, pregnant THEN split.
  • MGTOW BABY !!!


  • some women believe the strangest things
    1. the earth is flat
    2. buddha was black
    3. ancient africans went to space
    4. the original irish/celts were black
    5. DACA repiepients are mostly middle class professionals
    6. china is invincible
  • The operative word is "girlfriend". Her opinion and feelings are only that. You're young, you're poonstruck, so you accept a lot more than you would otherwise.
    The learning curve and growing process is where you determine if this is going to work out for the longhaul. That's what the "girlfriend" is.
    You transition into "fiance" and the stakes tighten up.
    You propose because she is the one.
    My wife was clueless about firearms when we were dating. Her family was her thought and opinion development dish. Exposure was the first step in her conversion. A trip to the range was an eye opener. After the initial flinching at the sound and energy of the cause and effect of squeezing the trigger, she took to it and that issue was on it's way to changing in her thinking.
    It's all a learning process with a "girlfriend".
  • I appreciate your input Buzadero, I’ll pass that on to the young guy that needs to hear it.
  • Lol, I didn't even read your entire post before coming to this unauthorable conclusion, THEY DON'T. And neither do spouses as far as self defense goes. When some anti gunner starts in with all their "What are you afraid of......?" crap, your answers should be simply this, "Not a GD thing any more, wanna shoot it?" I'm not pandering to the anti gunner no more, if they are to stupid to understand why an individual carries some type of weapon, then they don't deserve the chance at survival that a weapon gives when attacked by an assailant who wants them to pay for the meth they are addicted to. Since we can't fix stupid, let it die an unarmed death. I am an American, the WORLD hates me, I will ALWAYS be armed, and I'll NEVER give a damn who likes it. Here's scout's quote of the year, "I AM AN AMERICAN, I WILL NEVER BE DISARMED, THE HARDER YOU TRY, THE MORE THAT WILL DIE". Basically what it means is that lethal force must be used to disarm us, and lethal force will be used to keep us armed. Feel free to put it on a tee shirt, I ain't after ROYALTIES. (Pardon the pun, lol)
  • Please put that on a shirt, I will order one for myself, my girlfriend, the kid in the post, my uncle, my aunt, and my dad.
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