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Facebook just got a little more Orwellian

I got this little notification from Facebook saying that they’re going to start using facial recognition. This is why I don’t think the powers that be will take down the internet because they will use tools like social media to track everyone. Lately I’ve been thinking about deleting my Facebook account and this might have been the straw that broke the camels back.


  • Just because they ask for it, doesn’t mean you have to use it. If they want your face and you use a smart phone or a computer with a built in cam that’s not always covered, do you really think they can’t get your facial image anyway?

    Hell, for that matter, if you have any sort of photo ID, they have your face. Unless you’re willing to have reconstructive surgery or let Bubba at the bar smash your facial bones and let them heal incorrectly, you’re already screwed if that’s what they want. Especially with their new national database they built for drivers licenses.
  • Sorry bud, around here you have to have a photo I.D. to drive or buy a gun, or anything really, getting a job, everything, they want a photo . If you have a cell phone account, they can track you anyway, don't blatantly threaten anyone or say anything you wouldn't in front of the ptb, then it's just speculation. Ah screw it, it's the Turkey talking after another sixteen hour shift.
  • The Flying Turkey Trot... B)

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