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Complex for the homeless proposed in Lakewood, Colorado

Dome shelters, FEMA trailers and tents will soon dot a barren plot of land in Lakewood and it has people talking.

“I think it would be a good idea. There are a lot of people struggling. I’m a single mother. Times are hard. One paycheck and I could be needing help like that,” said Lilla Arguello, a Lakewood resident.


Anyone else find this interesting? I’m gonna get all ENblock on you guys and put on my tin foil hat for a second but just go with me here.. they’re seeking to build a “complex” for the homeless on federal land in Lakewood, CO on 59 acres and is to feature 5 buildings that includes FEMA trailers and domes that can house up to 1,000 people.

One of the things that I thought was interesting is that the land that this is proposed to be built on sits right next to the Federal Center in Lakewood. I used to drive by the Federal Center all the time when I lived in Denver and it’s one of the places where they keep a lot of military vehicles. What if this “homeless complex” is just a way to get people used seeing people concentrated in a camp like area and atmosphere? The area this complex is going to be built is right smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood/retail area and not too far from the Colorado Mills Mall so it’s not like this is one of those “out of sight out of mind” homeless camps. As the girl in the above quote said “I’m only one paycheck away from needing help like this”. If this downturn in the stock market keeps going and it bleeds into the rest of the economy we’ll start seeing more and more homeless people and those people are going to be needing “help like this” too. If they start seeing these “complexes” turn up then it’ll be easier to rally everyone into a bigger fema camp in the event of a natural or man made disaster because we’ll all be used to it.


  • Does any of the class remember how to properly boil a frog so it does’nt jump out of the pot ???
  • sloooooooooooowly B)
  • If everything is all federal, does that mean we're paying for it? If it is a federal project, I can think of much worse area's around the country that need it. Seems sketchy to me.
  • Yep seems sketchy to me too. It’s almost as if they’re testing it out to see how people react to it. Denver has homeless people just like any other city but it’s not that bad of a problem compared to a city like NYC.

    If some sort of disaster happens and causes a lot of people to lose their homes I can see FEMA setting up little shanty towns like this all around major cities kind of like the Warsaw ghettos and then sending the problem people to more remote FEMA camps for re-education and hard labor.
  • That’s cute. You think there will be re-education and hard labor.

    The people who get shipped off are not going for hard labor I promise that. Those are the people they see as the threat. We will be hunted down and treated like a cottonmouth snack. The only way to prevent us from biting is to remove our heads.

    I’m not saying too much else her because I have seen some weird things starting to happen all over the country. Not the least of which is Trump going to Congress and saying he wants a military parade. Hmmmmm

    They are saying he like bastille days in France and would like the same thing but it sure seems that most Military parades are requested and hovered over by dictators.

    I like what trump has been doing for the country but at the same time he is bad for us. To many of us have been lulled into our little hiding holes and had our backs rubbed until they fall asleep. Simply because he got elected. But if you pay attention to all the little things that have still been going on all over the US you see something. Nothing has changed since Obama left. Military convoys still move daily. There are more and more military style vehicles that continue down the pipeline to local LEos and more.

    If the deep state really was too afraid of our movement to make its big move then they may have succeeded by putting Trump in office.

    Think about it. Give patriots a sense of victory and they will all be caught off guard when we throw the poop at the fan. By the time the fair weather patriots reorganize the war will be lost.

    Just saying. Nothing new here folks
  • You all thought that the NEW WORLD ORDER would just be put on hold because a Real Estate developer was made POTUS ?
    I told you all at the old site that there are groups within groups and coups within coups. One secret group of power brokers just "nudged" a different group out of the spotlight for the moment, it happens all the time but most people never notice.
    And as with any corporation you have on occasion a RE-ORGANIZATION in upper management take place with DEPARTMENT HEADS replaced , but for the most part the average employee just keeps on doing what he does so as to keep his job, but all the while quietly trying to help any way that he can in either helping or hindering the OLD BOSS / NEW BOSS .

    That is what you have that took place , the MISSION STATEMENT is still the same, there has been far too much money spent , an entire generation corrupted morally and mentally and a nation pushed to the brink of open civil strife warfare to just turn away and reverse well over Fifty-years of social engineering in only a couple of years without doing as the Clinton's did and completely re-organize the CORPORATION , instilling only those who are loyal to THE NEW BOSS.

    I really do think that many of you need to listen to more CLASSIC ROCK !!! B)

    The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again (Lyrics)
  • Beauty Mike, Isn't it bad that a British rock band spells it out better, clearer than the hundreds of American bands that have followed over the many decades.
  • We have turned Road underpasses in Houston into Homeless Encampments. If they are so concerned about the Homeless, let them renovate that AstroDome. We're spending money to keep it from falling down because our Politicos don't want to tear it down.

    Let the Feds come in and refurbish it. AstroWorld is just across the Skybridge from it so they can be herded into the Chutes to be guillotined...I, I mean "processed" if they refuse their Bio-metric Mark.
  • I pass that place everyday as I live a mile or so from there. There is tons of different kinds of flat dark earth mraps/ military equipment (which to me stinks to high heavens when it is mixed in with FEMA). I see FEMA RV's all around there. As far as homeless, they need help and Colorado in the winter isn't homeless friendly. Do I want it in my neighborhood? Not really but they need something and God knows I could use the value of my house to go down for awhile. But yeah like Pastor Mike was saying....
  • see that’s what I’m saying. It was the same thing with Obama. Obama turned well meaning anti-war Democrats into war mongers for Hillary and the military industrial complex. Trump did sort of the same thing for well meaning republicans. Presidents now a days act more like Trojan horses meant to make you let them in by talking your talk and thinking the way you do and saying the things you wanna hear only to reverse course and go backwards 20 more steps in the wrong direction than the president before them. The thing is that the economy has been doped up by monetary heroine for so long that no matter what Trump tries to do to save the economy won’t work aside from just letting it collapse and then rebuild the economy from there. That’s what he should’ve done instead of taking credit for the rise in the stock market because when it all comes tumbling down not only will trump get the blame for it but free market capitalism will get the blame for it too then it’ll pave the way for a legit socialist or communist to get into office. That’s when you’ll start seeing America turn into Venezuela or communist Russia.
  • Narvarone, I used to live not too far from the Federal center too in Englewood. They’ve always had mraps and other military vehicles parked out there and you can see them parked right off of 6th and Kipling. I spent most of my childhood and early teenage years up in Fort Collins and they built a brand new CDC facility within a mile of the middle school I went to. There’s been some weird stuff going on in Colorado within the last few years.
  • ...That’s what he should’ve done instead of taking credit for the rise in the stock market because when it all comes tumbling down not only will trump get the blame for it but free market capitalism will get the blame for it too then it’ll pave the way for a legit socialist or communist to get into office. That’s when you’ll start seeing America turn into Venezuela or communist Russia.
    Ways that Karl Marx was right:
    USA has adopted nearly ALL of Marx's "Foundational Planks."
    Nationalized Transportation Networks, Fiat Currency, Central Bank controlled by "Elites", endless Restrictions on Commerce, etc.
    You really need to listen to get it all. (I didn't take notes. :( )
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    Does any of the class remember how to properly boil a frog so it does’nt jump out of the pot ???

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