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The Survivors (1983) Full Movie

While helping Taurarious with a little project of his I dug this up for him and thought that I would share this bit of humor with our younger members.

The Survivors (1983) Full Movie


  • Wow, I have not thought of that movie forever. It is funny and scary at the same time. That is exactly what I expect occurs at these weekend training sessions. Bahahaha!!!! >:)
  • 35-years later ...... WOW !!! Yes in deed. I bet that most of the grey hair crowd here never thought that we would still be counting down the days ehhh ?
  • That was good PM, I had forgotten about that one.
  • Heheheheheee Ya never know what I'll whip out next ..... :D

  • Great movie! "What kinda person gives cigarettes to trees!"
  • edited February 16
    I miss classics like this.
    So you see, I’m not out here committing adultrery, I’m out here committing murder.

    Oh, thank god
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