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Article discussion: Collaboration, Cooperation, and Teamwork


Above is a link to the new article which i just posted this morning. you can also view the article by clicking on the link in the articles box.

I have posted this discussion to take reactions from the group aside from simple comment posting. First i would like to say if there is an article that you wish to share outside of the site, please feel free to do so. the articles should be able to be viewed outside of actually being registered at the site. this helps increase our exposure. I will work to release at least one new article per week. some time there may be two sometimes i might miss a week. I have a lot of other things im working on as well. If there is anyone else who would like to create articles for this section please let me know, I can get you access to do so and then the articles will be reviewed for publishing.

please feel free to comment either on the article section itself or to react more in here.

Articles are set up similar to the comments section on a news article. they are simple one way comment type boxes, so with each article i will also post a reaction thread.




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