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Stock market down today

The Dow closed at 1,175 points down today and went as low as almost 1,600 points. Peter Schiff also predicted this would happen today on his podcast he did last Friday when the Dow was down around 600 points. Trump should’ve never taken responsibility for the Dow going up to 26,000 points during his presidency.


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    Rothschilds. Apache. Trump Speech today in Ohio. Multiple memos drop soon. And so it begins.
  • Agreed that’s why I’m saying that he never should’ve taken responsibility for the stock market going to New all time highs during his presidency. Now when it all comes tumbling down, weather the crash was induced deliberately or by accident, trump and free market capitalists are going to be blamed and the Federal Reserve will be the saviors just like they were in 2008-2009 unless they kill the dollar while trying to save the stock market.
  • AM Radio stated last week that The Elites were cashing out and taking Gains in advance of the SOTU addy.

    Hopefully the artificially inflated Bubble will slowly deflate, and we can return to Reasonable Valuations.

    Also, Labor Markets are showing great Demand, meaning pressure for Higher Wages, which means that until Consumption retakes Low Interest Fed-ism, Wage Pressure is outpacing the 2500$ additions to Personal Incomes.

    Next Fall, the Market will see yet another Surge.
  • They are pulling out before they have their assets seized by POTUS. Human Rights EO. They won't go down without a fight.
  • When bubbles get filled with enough air they pop and the thing is that when the fed raises interest rates again(if they’re even able to) people are going to be paying more for everything and it’s going to put a damper on new job growth. In my opinion Trump is towing the same line that Obama and bush did when it comes to the economy. Sure he cut taxes and did some other things but the economy is so screwed up from all of the policies that Obama, Bush, Bernanke, and Yellen put in that it’s too late for any of that. Boom and bust cycles are natural in a healthy economy but central bankers believe that you have to prevent them from happening so they pump the markets up with Monopoly money and stimulate it when it starts showing signs of a bust cycle. That’s the underlying problem that needs to be addressed before the economy starts making real healthy growth. Until then we’ll probably keep seeing the stock market hemorrhaging back and forth until one thing or the other gives and the fed will play chicken as to weather or not they’re going to raise interest rates, keep them the same or lower them back to zero.
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