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BREAKING. Release house memo


I have supplied the google docs link supplied by Assange as it’s faster loading than the gov site. So many people are viewin the memo it’s almost impossible to load elsewhere


  • Breezed through it, it’s not a nothing burger, but it’s not as big as they kind of made it sound.

    And yet, if addressed properly, careers and lives should end over what this breaks open.
  • I have read the whole thing and am going to quickly summarize now.

    FISA warrants were issued by the FISC on Carter Page based solely upon the information provided in the Steele dossier.

    The Steele dossier was never verified and as such never actually made valid evidence for anything. In fact as we all know now, the Steele dossier has been mostly debunked.

    This is no smoking gun of any sort. What it does do is force the FBI to respond to the fact that people inside the organization have shown bias in at least some form and fashion.

    Also if the entire Russiagate investigation is premised on any information that came from the FISA warrants, then the investigation needs to be re-evaluated for validity. If the investigation is found to be based solely on political bias then all monitary cost associated with the investigation need to be retrieved through judicial process by those who have falsely brought the investigation forward.

    Will anything come from this. I doubt it. will the investigation stop, I doubt it.

    Was this worth an attempted “assassination” aka train accident. Absolutely not.
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    Now that the ball is rolling on to the OIG report, uranium 1, Clinton foundation&emails, voter fraud NSA report. Then we can start the 1 way flights to Cuba.
  • Hillary emails released as well. One was discussing how to wipe certain files off phone. Instructed not to delete all files. A couple emails discuss linking office device to her BlackBerry. I read maybe 15 emails so far.
  • This really explained it really well....

    Hannity: The FBI purposefully deceived a federal court
  • Based on the Standard set by Bummer's FBI, can we deport the Nigerian Terrorist back to Central Africa?
    Maybe FSB needs to request extradition for crimes against the Russian People? I'd be willing to escort the whole Klanton Krew over to Moscow...
  • I'm really curious what is going on with Clinton's and Obama's right now, so I haven't heard a peep.
    Anybody else hear anything from them ?
  • Word on the street is Obama has lawyered up. Lawyer has specialty in military law. Bitchlery had stunt at grammys, but her and the rapist been church mice lately. It's also being said they all will be charged with Treason, along with many others. As I mentioned before many memos/investigations still to come.

  • There will be no treason charge no matter how warranted because our government worries too much about optics and what may happen to them when the lose or leave power.

    I’ll still hope for it, but I wouldn’t bet a Grumps burger on it.
  • I think that it would be utterly fantastic with just the Clinton's being charged and found guilty. One or both would most likely take their own lives before going to jail, but just by clearing them out and many others it would almost guarantee him a second term which would mean that any of those that did get sent to GITMO would serve at least six years or so.
  • They actually charge them and make it look like they will start court proceedings and I don’t think the country doesn’t see real fighting in the streets.
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    Admin wrote: »
    They actually charge them and make it look like they will start court proceedings and I don’t think the country doesn’t see real fighting in the streets.

    From what I've heard they expect as much. That is the reasoning behind not releasing all the memo/investigations at once. They are hoping to open the eyes of as many as possible, but must be done slowly. The brainwashed are lost causes, and supposedly steps are being taken to minimize/control the violence when it starts. Ive seen many folks claiming they were against Trump, but after memo they realized the were wrong.

    The memos that are to come are so damning if they don't arrest these folks our side will be bringing down the hammer.

    The tree must be watered. Unfortunately

  • The question is, who will actually step up, who will work their internet muscles and sit on the side, and who just won’t care?

    The reality is most people don’t want their lives interrupted. What happened doesn’t really effect them noticeably, so they don’t want anything to change, or to happen to alter their lives to be any more difficult.

    People always bitch, that’s why I doubt anything ever really happens, because “it doesn’t effect me directly so I don’t really care, I just wanted to voice my opinion.” and the government knows it. Next week the people will have something else to bitch about. Generally speaking, We’re as bad as dogs in the par... OOOOH SQUIRREL!
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    They actually charge them and make it look like they will start court proceedings and I don’t think the country doesn’t see real fighting in the streets.

    Remember back in 1968 this is how Democrats behaved against Democrats when they had all the power.... fast forward to :51 and listen, also watch how the Guardsmen stop that car and shove M79 grenade launchers at the people in it.

    Fast forward to 2017...... This is how the Democrats try to hang onto power when they realize that they are loosing it....

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show me where the Republics EVER did anything like this in between that FORTY-NINE YEARS ???

    Personally I believe that MANY MANY MANY people on the RIGHT want to not just see violence in the streets, BUT WANT TO BADLY PARTICIPATE IN IT !!!

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    Well this sure sounds like they plan on a fight.

  • The vast majority of people who see the shit actually hit the fan and people start getting killed in the streets, not just beat up, but pink mist and red fountains and pools and the stink of death around them, they will pack up and go home, FAST.

    Most people can’t actually handle it when they see it. That’s why when crowds turn violent, you see it thin out, some encouraging but nothing more(internet muscle guys), and the very few actually violent. And that’s not even when there’s killing, just property damage and a little brawling. Why do you think refugees outnumber fighters in war torn nations?

    Most people can’t kill someone. Most people can’t turn past a certain level of not really violent to killer or even just viciously violent unless it’s truly in defense of themselves and many times not even then . And the few who can’t handle it but do it, they usually break, hard and deep. Even those who can handle it have cracks in many cases.
  • Don’t delude yourselves into believing any real violence will occur. Most wont participate because it will alter their lives too much, many will be afraid, and the few who do participate, many will sour on it fast, and we will likely be back to normal in under a week.

    The other way to think of this is if violence starts, and the government knows most won’t fight, what better way to clear out those with a will to fight than when they are left hung out to dry by the rest of the populace?

    Option 3, I’m wrong and if/when something starts over non action, or even action against the Alphabet Soup Show and Hillary and Obama, it blows up big and we see significant change after a long period of violence.

    While I’m ready for the third option, and train on my own and am scheduled for more training at a top notch facility, to me my training is for competition and not anything real because I’ve seen how people are enough to not waste my effort and sanity thinkingnit will ever change until it’s too late, and it’s not too late yet.

    But, it never hurts to be ready does it? Better to have and not need than need and not have.
  • I have seen people at their absolute worst, mostly back in the day when I was at mine...... When I see people now, or rather have seen them for many years now, is GOOD, BAD and UNREDEEMABLE . The UNREDEEMABLE are those that in MY EYE'S, and MINE alone, just off the bat, deserve the bat !
    Yes you as an individual can change your own path if you work at it hard enough, but that is on YOU.
    If YOU stand with my enemy then YOU are MY enemy, and just because the tide of battle goes against the side that YOU chose to be on DO NOT think for a minute that I would let YOU go and run away or turn my back on YOU just because YOU begged for mercy. It ain't gonna happen.
    The only way that you get the BAD from being UNREDEEMABLE is to show them and show them HARD what will become of them if they continue on that path.

    For those of you who have ever had to put animals down for one reason or another, there may be tears filling your eyes every time that you have to do it, but you still know in your heart that it has to be done.

    So take warning any of you out there that think you can just switch sides when things don't go your way, someone somewhere will remember your words and actions, and when you are least expecting it they will end your UNREDEEMABLE LIFE, just as you would have done to them if given a coward's chance to do so !
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