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Last Night I Thanked a Smyrna Corrections Officer

Last night after physical therapy, I spotted a Smyrna Corrections Officer eating dinner with his family at my local Subway. I stepped outside to let my dad know he needs to send me a new order, and the CO was walking out. I thanked him for what he does, and wished him a good night. Shit got really cryptic afterwards, Crypt Keeper kind of cryptic (I’m showing my young age on this one...) He told me to be safe out here, shit’s getting worse day by day. I asked him what he meant, and he said “by 2020 Paulding and Cobb County will be the next Marietta/Kennesaw. More people, more crime, and I’m already seeing the shift now. Stay armed, and be careful out here (Paulding County) especially at night.”

Ofcourse this has been predicted because of the new Braves stadium off Windy Hill Rd and 41 in Marietta. Cobb and Paulding don’t have the Marta transportation system, and there’s good reason for it. Where Marta goes, the crime follows. Don’t believe me? Compare the crime rates of Paulding County, and Fulton County. You’ll see a huge difference. There’s Heroin being sold and used by high schoolers at Harrison High, as well as Paulding County high schoolers already. Meth is already an issue, I’ve accidentally found a trailer off the power lines used for this purpose with a friend a few years ago just riding around, and having a good time.


  • Yeah... Meth is the Staple for the Hillbillys in the foothills... But This Heroin Epidemic is Mind Blowing !!

    Back In My Day heroin was used by the Skid Row Bums, Now it is being used by the Country Club Soccer Moms . I know of a few folks in treatment, and one kid died who was the grandson of our local Judge, and the Son of a girl I went to high school with..

    Lev, You are definitely right about the Marta (Public Transportation) Crime Stats. You Build it and They Will Come. They being the Hood Rats, Thugs, and generally the Dregs of Society... Look at Perimeter Mall, It used to be Upscale and One could move about freely with No Confrontations. Now, Mr. Goldteefus and His Entourage Get All Up In Your Grill just for Being White... What do We owe this Fabulous Transformation To...

    The North Springs Marta Station....

    The CO Was Right... Stay Frosty... This Ain't Mayberry Anymore...
  • What’s funny is the US is the opposite from Europe in some aspects. Where public trans goes here, crime follows. In Europe, crime stays in specific areas (terrorists aside) and public transport goes everywhere. I choose to think our criminals are more enterprising, despite the fact I hate it at the same time.
  • It makes sense. Public Transport doesn't req ID. It also carries the Presumption that ppl have a legitimate Purpose in being there. (Transport)

    Whereas ppl standing around in Public on Streetcorners and abandoned Houses have a Presumption of Criminality. And Private Transport often reqs ID.

    The Fact that the CO knows due to Insider Info, (hearing Discussions amongst Criminal Leaders still calling the Shots from Inside) lends added weight to the Argument.
  • in more urban areas, cops tend to pay more attention to houses and cars...I did most of my runs on the light rail back in my day
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