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Leftists Hate Manly Men

Video by Reid Heinrichs of Valor Ridge,
Great video, and he brings up lots of good points. This post is to piggy back off PM’s post “The War on Men”.


  • I find it hard to believe that, with the Democrats moving further and further to the left, they still attract support from the same people that should hate them. Of course they hate manly men as that group of voters are self confident, usually solidly employed, and often conservative Republicans. I have been in some groups that were relatively liberal, but, this crud that the left is spewing now should alienate any liberal from 25 years ago. They have no shame, no scruples, and no target is off their radar for attacks.
  • Redneck Revolt is distancing themselves from the leftist establishment, and so are some ANTIFA groups. I watch what they post, it’s not good, not depending on the rhetoric they may spew in private. They are between the leftists and us, and therefore have a better “ground” to recruit from in many aspects.

    Don’t mistake them being the Left, just recognize they are more left than us with their own personal slant.
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