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What are your opinions of this vid? Parent discussing child's responsibilities and duties.


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    I LOVED IT !!!
    He responded better then I would have, and I think that he was 100% in line. I watched several other of his videos including one parody that was quite funny, and it is a crying shame and a pathetic state of our nation that law enforcement and CPS ever got involved in the first place.
    Shame on those PUBLIC SERVANTS who blew this out of proportion and kissed the ass of the cry baby Left. May you ALL get your comeuppance and have your kids go the way of the LEFT and bring eternal hell for what you have done, not just to this family , but to all of the others out there that you harassed unduly, and trying to falsely justifying said actions by saying "I'm just doing my job" . You should never had done anything at all !!!
    But if you had, you should have told this girl how she was wrong and how she had such a good father who cared enough about her to show her how she had gone wrong on a level that she could understand.

    end of rant..... :#
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