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What do ppl think of Trump's Speech?

I was disappointed. Lots of platitudes and bromides, but very few clear Goals except, "I'm calling upon Congress to..."

And the Objectives that he outlined were mainly Socialist. Paid Family Leave, Expanding Bummer Care, etc.

I DID like the 4 black Parents who were Secondary Victims of MS13 killing their Daughters. That personalized the "Children" who are being paid US Tax $s to kill USA children. But what is he doing to REMOVE these Foreign Invaders from our SOIL?


  • I don't have the time to get into this right now, but suffice it to say that I was deeply disappointed that it was so weak in content and in tone. :'(
  • Looking at the speech at its surface I was kind of pissed, but when you look at it from a stand point of how trump views things he did a phenomenal job.

    He talked about a ton of things the dems and the left in general have been wanting. And put them all in a position where they would not stand or applaud any of these things. Proving two points.

    1 the dems are completely unwilling to accept anything put forth by this regime.

    2. There are a bunch of children in office.

    He did a great job of showing this and to be honest nothing else matters. The state of the union is nothing more than a political speech with no opposing side. Mostly all lies and glorified ground pounding
  • Well before I get on the road I’ll say this , it was better seeing Trump up there as opposed to Hillery.
    There was too much Lefty give-aways , no mention of the wall, no reading of the memo, no mention of the corruption , no mention of pending arrests , no mention of pushing for nation-wide ccw , he is going to come down on drugs by going after the dealers ? Soooo he is going to arrest the CIA now ???

    Sounded more like a conservative Democrat then a Republican . Definitely no resemblance to Ronald Reagan like I have heard some compare him to .

    Just really disappointed he refuses to body slam the left into a cry fit of tears all curled up in a corner sobbing for all they are worth !
  • Good points All.

    I heard rather than watched the Speech. Now today, I'm hearing about the Optics and how the Black Caucass were FURIOUS that Trump has reduced Black Unemployment to HISTORIC LOWS! Bummer bragged about being the Welfare and Foodstamp Pres. Trump is actually bringing back the Corps and Manufacturing that Bummer drove away.

    Managing the USA collapse is the new Norm? NO! Trump has shown what is possible just by REDUCING even a FEW regulations. Imagine what would happen if we got to a Free Market! (gasp)

    I guess that showing the Low Educated Populace what the Dems really are, is more important than an Intellectual Dissertation on his Plans for the next year. (He probably doesn't want to signal his Hand.)

    I've read that the USA Populace has been SO dumbed down by the State Education System that State of Union Speeches have become progressively less articulate and full of Emotive BS over the years. Rainbow and Unicorns rather than Laffer Curves, etc.

    In summation, I suppose that this is the Best Speech that the American People could understand.
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    Trump IMO made one of the greatest SOTU speeches ever.

    It's true that Trump didn't mention wall, memo, or arrests directly. He did make concessions, and refrain from laying the hammer to the dems. Brilliant moves. Everyone who watched the speech witnessed the Dems true colors. His avoidance of making demands and attacking the Dems was a tactic to prevent the MSM any sound clips. The polls showed after speech a major increase in approval ratings of DJT. Yuge success.

    He stated many times about our borders must be secure. (Wall will be part of daca deal)

    He stated he signed an order to keep Gitmo open, just before his speech. A called the terrorists ENEMY COMBATANTS who would be detained ANYWHERE they are found. Intentionally emphasized both words (Arrests of enemies both foreign and domestic coming)

    One his way out a camera just so happens to catch a congressman tell trump to release the memo, and he responds definitely 100%. (Memo incoming) No coincedences

    The next few days/weeks/months are gonna be a hell of a ride.
  • Red ...... yes very good points , and I won’t rehash anything I already said. Good point on Trump not swinging the hammer... good thing that I’m not POTUS ehhh ? Hahahahaha
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