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No Joke, a fitness app could bring down military bases

So US military as well as other global forces are reconsidering their security protocols as it related to fitness trackers.


The link above shows the “heat map” that caused a big problem for military services.

The basic premise here is the app and device join together to keep track of walking routes via GPS location data. If paths are walked consistently they can be saved by the user as well as by the app itself. These routes were then stored by the company. Until the decided to release all the data in a heat map. This maps intent is to show all the places they are used. But think about this for a second. In large cities there is a ton of noise based solely on just how many users there are. Take the noise away and think about the fact that third world countries or war zones are not likely to be using this sort of tech and what are you left with.

International military services personnel. Not only does this data directly show you where on a map a potential base is located, it shows you a direct walking path taken by individuals entering and exiting the base.

That all being said, nothing to worry about. No security issues at all here folks.

We are all already slaves to technology, are we really willing to blatantly just tell everyone where we are every second of the day. Keep in mind, that is exactly what carrying that cell phone around is doing.
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