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Your Tribe or Mine

There eventually will be a balkanization of the United States, it's inevitable, but to varying degrees as we finally fall from grace as a united nation.

What this means for the average person is a return to Tribalism .
Regardless of the religious , racial , political, blood line or whatever makeup of the group you belong to it will always return to one group fighting for resources that another group has.

I have been saying this for years ........ "Do you belong to a tribe that will care for it's own ?"
This is what it will degenerate to , and it will happen very quickly until most are wiped out .

Tribal warfare will be the end result, or gang warfare for those who can relate to it's modern equivalent .
At some point a "supreme power", like a competing Militia group , Scavenger/Bandit bands , State or Federal Troops, or even the real possibility of a foreign military like Chinese, Russians or even European Union. They will step in and "help" those who side with them with minimal aid and weapons and then turn them loose to fight against those that resist that are in their way.
After all what is a police dept. these days but a financial collection agency and muscle for the predominate group that has taken over the local politics in a given area. One "gang" working for another "gang".

Then there will be the Refugees. From family sized to a massive hoard in the hundreds or even in multiple waves going into the thousands as they migrate in search of food and supplies, especially during a change in the seasons when warmer regions are more appealing.

Beans , bullets, band-aids and BROTHERS are the only things that will keep you and yours as safe as possibly can be , as best you can , in a world gone mad.

"Who and where are my BROTHERS ? ! "

That is the question we ALL should be asking......
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