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The War on Men

edited January 28 in General
WE as MEN need to start openly condemning manufactures and businesses that emasculate MEN, and STOP drinking or eating ANYTHING with SOY !


A funny thing that I have noticed though is that most Threepers that I have known DO NOT ACT LIKE WOMEN !

Do you know why ?

Because they eat REAL MEAT and REAL FOOD and drink COFFEE , not fru fru soy coffeeish crap !

So stay sharp and stop buying ANYTHING with ESTROGEN or SOY !

Be a real Man and REAL Father figure and DO NOT allow any of your children or friends be Effeminized any longer ......

If you want to see a REAL MAN you should see me go after someone at a fast limping, hopping stride swinging my rattle snake cane with my big beard blowing in the wind all the while the little silver bells on my loin clothe declaring the ass whopping that is about to commence !!!!!

Keep this in mind MEN when things start getting you down, be embolden with the knowledge that "The times they are a chang'in" and that at the end of the day this SEXUAL feud will be put to rest but only after the house has been torn apart.
Rest assured , that you are different from the rest, in a good way that is. You care more about others welfare then your own. Your life has a special meaning but you are aware that it is not for the masses and to be thrown away cheaply. You are a rock upon which your family and community will at some point turn too as the chaos grows to help steady the shaking going on under their feet.
Do not distress that you cannot save the entire flock, it is simply not possible for us. But take stock in that those that you do lead to greener pastures will be far better off then those trailing behind unsure of to follow or not, scattering even farther apart each and every time the wolves come by for a visit.

Take heart in that we will NEVER be perfect, it is unattainable for us as MEN or WOMEN.
There is Nothing in between, that is it, so get over it .
Work on yourself , and as you grow stronger, so will the sheep and young sheep dogs in your flock do so also.

The War on Men

The Truth About Soy Boys


  • this is pretty recent Ive heard the term "soy boy"....I subs8ide mostly on coors light, Mexican agriculture and beef jerkey...am I ok?
  • Talk about soy boys-
    I'm going to the Apple Store at the World Trade Center tomorrow!

    Those freaks would be easier to tolerate if they actually know what they were talking about.
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