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You can only take one!

Okay so it’s time to go. You grab your bag, and head for the gun safe to grab some long guns. Simultaneously your vehicle gets fire bombed by a passerby. You hear the explosion from your position run to assess and the vehicle is a total loss. As you run back to the safe you hear another explosion. This time your back wall is blown out. You get the safe open, and as you are reaching in you hear several voices and footsteps coming through what remains in your house. You only have enough time to grab one long gun and get out.

What do you take and why?


  • Mossberg 500, with buckshot, best anti personnel neutralizer for my skills and abilities, and is one of the hardest rounds to defend against, effective even against body armor and light barriers.
  • ^ The shotgun, for its versatility.
    It can handle anything from chipmunks to bears, and make longer shots with slugs.

    Dave Canterbury has a couple of good videos about using chamber adapters in a break open shotgun to fire other calibers, and how it can even be used as a muzzleloader.
  • For me it's my ar, I have ammo cached for it.
  • AR all the way. Have ammo cached not to far way.

    U would grab an AK but I think ammo would be an easier find with the AR
  • AR and spare ammo gotten with my trusty AK ..... :D
  • I'm w PM. My AK can "liberate" the other Rifles in my collection, and grab any gear that the Malditos in my AO had.
  • My Alfa AK all the way. I’m most familiar with the system, have resupply caches for it and kit, and let’s not forget my Hell rule, “When you absolutely, positively must kill every asshole breaching my domain, unleash the Alfa, and establish fire superiority.”
  • My ar......most familiar with it and it can take 2 and 4 legged "game"
  • Definitely My Glock.... Oh Wait, My 1911 Is a Trusty Side Arm...

    On The Other Hand... Definitely My AR..., But Possibly My AK... You Know, It Has More Punch ...

    Oh Hell, I Will Probably Just Grab My Crossbow and some Throwing Knives... :D
  • Bob, you should have taken your pistol w you when investigating the Troubles.

    Grab your AR or AK, and after the Ruffians are dealt with, you can dig up your crossbow and knives from the PVC containers that you cached far from your home.
  • edited January 31
    I want to amend my initial answer.
    I didn't read the question thoroughly. :D

    I would also grab an assault rifle.
    An AK of course, even though I don't have one ...

    YET !

    A .30 cal. rifle is the only thing that has the horsepower and definitive penetration to drop a man with a single body shot, even if he is somewhat armored.
  • Not true, TLP.
  • My AR. It’s America’s Rifle so parts and ammo are more than abundant, I run it all the time for fast steel matches so I know I can run and gun with it, and I have run it in a PRS match and a lot of long range practice with it so I know I can reach out with it to distances most people can’t shoot more capable calibers out to.
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