Fully Funded!

We just hit the Fully Funded mark!

I will be setting everything up with the host to finalize the three year contract. We still have some time to collect a little more to get an SSL Certificate as well, but even if we don't, we have web security and backups already paid for as part of this, so we're not flapping in the breeze either.

Enjoy the site, everyone. And make sure to toss out a thank you to the contributors, without them we would still be homeless. Thanks to Taurarious, for building our temporary/backup home so quickly after we lost our last "home" and for letting me Voluntell him he gets to be our IT for the stuff I can't figure out. Thanks to Pastor Mike for making sure he networked with as many as he could off site to be able to start bringing people back in. And thanks to everyone who networked offsite not just with Mike, but others so we had a decent core in between and now.

For the next few weeks at least, while we tweak or redo the forum program, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make any large info share posts redundant on the boardhost site. Important links redundant there as well. We have backup, but there's no guarantee that we can save all the info easily or at all if we switch to a different forum program if this one just doesn't work out as well as we would like. I'm not sure of our time table, but I can promise it will be ASAP.

Spread the word, we are back!


  • What is needed to acquire the SSL?

  • Probably late to the game but I have used onlineinstitute.com for our web hosting and its extremely inexpensive - it comes with 20 emails, a forum that can have different forum for active members, non-active and guests. If you want any help let me know...

    Semper Fi,

  • Now that you are back, what is needed to get an SSL? I can kick in 5 ounces of silver or equivalent, $100. Just let me know and I transfer funds by PayPal.

  • SSL has been purchased. I didnt realize it still wasnt up, and have contacted the host to find out why. "It got lost in the shuffle" is essentially what they said. It is up now, at least on the server end, waiting to be "approved". The upshot is, the SSL will last longer than our current host contract because they didnt apply it until recently. Ill be checking every day this weekend to make sure it gets up. If its still not up by Monday, Ill be calling them, yet again.

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