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ICE to begin tracking License plates


  • This is a bad thing.
  • I read an article saying that they were doing id checks in Florida.....kind of reminiscent of Nazi Germany.
  • I am dead set against ANYTHING like this be it governmental or a private front company doing the work and then granting access to agencies.
  • Me too......first it will be sold as only illegals that are targeted then once people get used to it they will expand the checks.
  • Cobb county has been mounting cameras on cross walk signal posts, they snap a picture of every plate that goes through the intersection at that time. My uncle has watched a group of N Carolina state troopers pulling out of state drivers over, searching the vehicles, and confiscating the weapons they found.
  • Under this Logic, can't the LEOs tap into any home-security cams that we've got? After all, it's for the Public Good... :'( :s
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