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Old site is back up

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Just thought you guys should know in case you haven’t heard yet, I got an email from alias and he said the old site is back up but it’s at a different URL which is http://threepercenter.net


  • Since he let it go down without giving any Notice, Reason, or letting anyone else take it over; I'm sticking here unless an EXTREMELY compelling Reason surfaces to return.

    I WOULD like to have the Site's Archives copied to here. That way we would suffer less impact from the Disruption caused by having to create a New Site from Scratch.

    Many thanks again to: Ski, Tauraurus, Barrett and all others who have worked so hard on Starting and Maintaining this new Site. (claps) <3
  • That is interesting
  • Yeah I kinda figured that most of us would probably stay here. Ski and them have all put in a lot of work to get this site going and keep it maintained so yes many thanks to them and everyone else here(specially Pastor Mike) for keeping everyone up to date on the goings on when the site was being built and when it went down briefly recently.
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    .org gets my vote. Dance with the one who brung ya fellers.
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    Glad it's back up. I'l stick with everyone here but I will be visiting it from time to time for posting and retrieving old posts to link them here.
  • I’m going to keep my thoughts on the “resurrection” private for now, other than:

    I appreciate what I am seeing you guys saying though, and I can guarantee Taurarious and Pastor Mike do as well, if they haven’t already said so while I’ve been typing and retyping this dozens of times.
  • I am definitely staying here because this is home now. We all banded together here, kinda like some of the scenario's we discuss only in a different arena. Now that being said, I did go over and look around. It was sort of like a scavenger run, seeing what was still there,and what might be useful. Looks like all the threads are still there, it was kinda creepy, like time just stopped that day.LOL. Anyway I'll be going back to collect some things I think I want to right down that I didn't have saved when it was still working.
  • I spent the time this morning to personal message every single member on the old site who had active post history as well as recent activity about what we have over here. Most of you probably received this message so that’s not news, what was sad is that out of 11000 plus accounts that message only went out to about 35-40 people
  • Close to 10000 accounts never logged in from the day they signed up and 99.99 percent of those never even made a post
  • By the way, yes. I do appreciate hearing many will stay here. I personally think the site needs scavenging. Get the good stuff and get out. Something isn’t right about how this just appeared.
  • Last night while I was copying and pasting posts to transfer back over here I kept getting a ......WARNING SITE IS TRYING TO INTERFERE ..... from my spyware so be careful guys !
  • hmm that’s pretty weird PM.. has anyone been able to contact alias and ask him what’s going on?
    I'm getting this one about every five-minutes or so , just happened. So I'm just mass copying and pasting, sorry for the mess.
  • I have sent a message to the profile that is listed alias1776 but at this point I haven’t received any response. It was a brash message and yet a politically polite one. This was only this morning, but I will let people know if I hear anything.
  • Someone asked alias why it took almost a year to get the old site back up and this is what alias said:

    “My bank closed shop for whatever reason (they didn't give a why) and the domain expired. I had everything setup so I didn't have to be around (auto payment) and if it wasn't for the bank issues the domain would have never expired. I was away dealing with a lot of personal things (My mother's death, loosing my income and property) but as soon as I discovered what was going on with the bank I tried renewing our old domain. It was registered by someone else and is being held for ransom of sorts. The simplest way to get the site back up was to just obtain a new domain which is the current one. I simply pointed the old domain to the site since the hosting is paid through my paypal account. I haven't had access to the internet let alone information hence the long delay.”

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    I would like to see the archives over her on this site. I think building a new base of members is a much better idea and who is to say we can't post on both.

    On a side note when I told my wife about the old site reappearing she laughed and said "it's a trap"!!!
  • I'm kinda leary about it also, seems fishy. It's like trying to pet a skunk, you might get away with it, then again you might end up in a big stink.
  • I’m a little weary too but I haven’t seen enough evidence to suggest one way or another that there’s something intentionally malicious going on. The whole situation is kinda weird and the website runs a little slow but those could just be coincidences and the website running slow could just be the way it’s configured too.

    For now I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt until when/if something happens to change my mind. It also depends on which website the majority of us decides to post on and right now it seems like this one is where most of us are going to stay.
  • Nothing against alias, but, he allowed the house to burn, WE built this one, and I trust current Admin to keep it safe. THIS is where I belong.
  • I'm staying here and thanks again to the ones who got this site going.
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