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  • Here's a more informative link: http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/FBI-reportedly-involved-in-shooting-in-northeast-12524172.php
    An FBI agent shot and killed a Montgomery County kidnapping victim during a predawn operation in northeast Houston, according to law enforcement sources.
  • Sad, and I hate saying it, but sometimes shit happens in ops like that.

    Hopefully it was just one of those things and not a bad agent or an agent on a team he wasn’t qualified for in any way other than making numbers.
  • Sucks to be the guy on the trigger on that one.

    Going to have a hard time with that.
  • And yet they still expect us to just ...."TRUST THEM" to handle any given situation.
    The FBI is not the SAS, Just saying .
  • WR, your second post wasn’t showing when I posted, I had a stale page. Seeing it now I would like to add that if the pic is of the kidnap victim that was shot, I can see how a mistake could have been made. I mean, big ol gang tatt on his face...
  • LOL. That was my 1st thought too, but he's 1 of the kidnappers.
  • I’ve seen several stories with the same photo that never clarify that that was a kidnapper. Just that photo associated with the story without a clear description of who it is, as in no tag for it, and it’s reasonable that that is the kidnap victim.
  • He, an older male, and a dumpy female were the 3 kidnappers. Their photos are available. I haven't seen one of the Victim or his children.

    Yes, this photo is the most "horrific" and thus, the one that gets published.
  • These are the 3 Perps.
  • THe narrative is now that Victim grabbed the FBI's rifle during the confusion, so Agent shot him.
  • THe narrative is now that Victim grabbed the FBI's rifle during the confusion, so Agent shot him.

    So the "victim" didn't want to get saved ???
    The victim was overjoyed at being saved and tried to hug the agent, but the agent wasn't really a hugger type ....... so he shot him. :D

  • Anyone who has never been trained and taken part in a dynamic situation like that will never understand the situation. You go in a hyper dynamic and dangerous situation, and you’re telling everyone to get down or get shot and someone grabs your rifle, immediately your life’s danger level increased so you react.

    When you do these things, you are on auto pilot to some extent, because of the danger. You run these scenarios over, and over, and over, and over so you don’t have to think and get slowed down. Amateurs practice until they get it right, professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong. However, there will almost always be something that alters the dynamic. Someone grabbing your rifle alters that dynamic, especially since you don’t expect the hostage to grab your rifle in the middle of the assault.

    I’ll wait until we get more info before I bash the agent who shot the hostage. I’ve trained for these scenarios in and after the military, and know how shitty they can turn out because of the tiniest detail.
  • Your not much of a hugger either then ??? :D
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