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Disqualified From Saudi Beauty Pageant

I'm just going to leave this one here for you'all to wrap your brains around.....


A Dozen Camels Disqualified From Saudi Beauty Pageant Over Botox Injections

.... "They use Botox for the lips, the nose, the upper lips, the lower lips and even the jaw," Ali Al Mazrouei, a regular at such festivals and the son of a prominent Emirati breeder, told the newspaper. "It makes the head more inflated so when the camel comes it's like, 'Oh look at how big that head is. It has big lips, a big nose.' "

Real money is at stake: About $57 million is awarded to winners of the contests and camel races, The National reports, with more than $31.8 million in prizes for just the pageants.

1200 x 674 - 1M


  • I heard that the Sheep ratted them out... ;)

    Have you seen the Sexy Muslim Lingerie ads?
  • I was expecting Goats when I opened this one.
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    scottrob76 wrote: »
    I was expecting Goats when I opened this one.

    You were ehhhh ???

    Hey to each their own. :D
  • Lol.....seemed to be the favorite of the Arabs that I met over there.
  • At least they did not get disqualified due to sexual misconduct. That would truly mess up their reputations. B)
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