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I think Idaho used to be a good state

A friend of mine sent me this picture.
2560 x 1440 - 541K


  • Damn now I gotta get rid of my jeep
  • edited January 24
    It tai'nt the JEEP's fault it has a LEFTY as an owner, just like a Commie having an AK as opposed to Me having one......... or not.
    Is it medication time yet ???
  • Probably a Kali transplant.
  • We were in Idaho a few weeks ago looking at land. We seen a few cars (subaroos :D) with that sticker on'em in Boise. An agent there told us that 50,000 californians move to Idaho per year. Most of the growth is in the Treasure Valley. Still places to get lost though plus an open carry state.
  • You might want to check into the Westcliffe/Southern Cotopaxi Colorado area ...... B)
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