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Militia in action.....

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Well boys, my AO is hotter than the blue blazes of hell. School shooting sends mutual aid into action before the request drops. Deputies and EMS from MULTIPLE counties respond BEFORE being dispatched. THIS is what it sounds like when REAL police respond to REAL school shootings. My relatives are safe, one was present and witness to the shooting. He ran like hell, good boy! Here's the dispatch recording


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    This one's real folks. Real guns, real people, real cops, REAL DAMN CLOSE. It took approximately 17 minutes for crews from 4 different counties to converge on and completely lock down Marshall County High school in Western Kentucky. FBI was also on scene within an hour. (But they've been here awhile anyways ;) ) Governor Bevin wasn't far behind. Our boys who responded done so with honor and courage. After all, THEIR children go to this school. The Mayfield and Graves county LEO's from graves county. The Benton and Marshall, from Marshall county. KSP, Kentucky State Police. Three deputies (I believe)-from Caldwell county. All arrived in less than 17 minutes, not fucking bad! The unit you hear speaking on the recording as "one", is Sheriff Kevin Byars of Marshall county. I've known this man personally for years. Stand up guy, that's why we elected him. Only two lives lost, but, multiple lives shattered. Only one culprit as of now, some fat band geek kid that probably deserved every ounce of bullying or insults he got. NO COMPASSION FOR HIM OR HIS DAMN FAMILY. Should have found a better way to deal with shit than spend a week out of school planning a fucking MURDER. I'll post more as it comes. Pray for us boys.
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    Easy on his family, Scout. I’ve read two stories the mother at least had no clue, was at the school trying to contact her son, and had an absolute break down in the street when she heard from another helping her who was texting her son inside the school that fat boy was the shooter.

    If anyone here can honestly say they told their parents everything and never snuck and got away with something, I’ll be shocked.

    We find out more about this and they had clues and did nothing, slam away....
  • Sad for the family,

    I think as adults we have no idea what really goes on at school whit our kids. Is is a micro society all of its own and it can be very brutal.

    Pretty quick response.

    I would say one thing. I hated the Sheriffs Office jumping out calls they come in do all the easy lifting and then head out and we get stuck with the paperwork.
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    I see some of y'all been keeping tabs on this situation, that's awesome, saves me some typing. Ok, so, I still have no compassion for a child killer's family, but, I don't in any way hold them responsible. Too many folks are allowing their compassion to justify the shooting of 14 kids. We ALL have friggin problems, but we don't spend an entire week on our asses planning a mass murder. Yes, the mother was arriving at the school to pick up her child when she discovered that he was the shooter. She is a reporter for the local newspaper, they are at least halfway decent folks, not redneck, methhead, trailer trash. Guess we ALL got at least one psycho in our families. That's the best they will get from me as far as a retraction of my previous post. Now, on to the gun grabbers, Governor Matt Bevin is proving to the rest of the world why 3pers need to run for public office. He's sticking to his "guns" just like the rest of us, HOO-AAH! To show you the type of folks we are, the local "hunting" club of Marshall County has scheduled an honorary "Youth Hunt", (pun intended) with 100% proceeds going to the families of the victims for medical and funeral costs. I'm told by VERY reliable sources that it's already raised quite a bit of cash. Even democrats are donating. The kids are typical Hard Core Kentuckians, they returned to school 3 days later with a high attendance count, HOO-AAH kiddos's, rock on! The craziness is subsiding some, but, the heartache still is evident on the faces of the locals. Lots of viduals have been held, I've yet to hear of any that weren't singing "Amazing Grace". FBI, and media is still hounding anyone they think could give an opinion. The "Sandy Hook" conspiracy theory people have began their threats and yada yada, KSP released a statement to those folks basically saying "Y'all leave folks alone or we'll drop you like bad habits." (my understanding, not their exact words) but, I know most of the local troopers rather well, they mean it, even if laws need to be ignored to solve the problem ;). A couple of teens in neighboring school districts have been arrested due to flapping cock holsters on social media with copycat threats. All I can say there is, "dumbasses". On the bright side, this ain't our first rodeo with a school shooting, had one in Paducah, Kentucky when I was a kid, long before Columbine. Lots of folks still eager for THAT ducshbag to finally fuck up and be granted parole. Kentuckians may forgive at times, but, we NEVER forget. One of the boys shot Tuesday is a downsy, he's VERY well liked by those of us who have met him, he's always going around giving high 5's and offering assistance to anyone who needs it, his goal in life is to keep folks smiling. It's said this is EXACTLY what he was doing that morning (just like every morning) when this little bastard drew down and popped him. As if he didn't have enough on his plate, now he may permanently lose use of the very arm he gave everyone so much joy with. But, I'm told he's in good spirits and ain't sweatin' it. HOO-AAH little brother, we'll just high 5 the other hand from now on! My nephew is ok, he's dealing with it a little better now. My sister in law, (his mother) yeah, not so much, she's pulled him from school and will be homeschooling him for his last 2 years of high school. We disagree with her reasoning, but, ALL of us fully support the idea, been trying to get her to homeschool for years now, but, for FAR more important reasons. Yes, there ARE MORE important reasons to homeschool than worrying about the child's physical safety, ESPECIALLY here where this type of atrocity rarely takes place. But, whatever, at least she finally listened to us. Y'all please excuse my tone, I'm still a little pissed. Anyways, a couple anti gun bills have already been submitted by the gun grabbers, Bevin done said, "NOT GONNA HAPPEN!" But, a couple have also been submitted to allow the teachers to pack. Most of us have been in favor of those methods for years before the thought of this treachery ever crossed our minds. After all, if you can't trust a teacher to have a weapon, why in the HELL should we trust them with our MOST prized possession, our children? Guess some folks are just dumb. The only folks whining about guns seems to be idiots from the United States, not Kentuckians, so, I guess that's ok, we never gave a damn what others thought of us anyway and we've proved it time and again throughout our history in the middle of commie bastards, lol. Some of y'all reading this are Kentucky at heart, when you gonna come home? We could use your morals right now politically, you know, overwhelming force and whatnot. Anyways, that's all I got at the moment, if y'all got any questions, post them here publicly and I'll answer them best I can. Some of y'all may be wondering how to cope with this scenario as it seems to be becoming a normal one in this country. Don't worry about offending me or causing war wounds to come unstitched, I'm scout-one, and I can fucking take it, ask away. This is my first hands-on with this since I was a kid the first time, but I can hack it.
  • SWEET! GOT HIM CHARGED AS AN ADULT! http://www.wpsdlocal6.com/2018/02/16/read-the-grand-jury-charges-brought-against-the-marshall-county-hs-shooting-suspect/ This has all been very exhausting fellas, but, it's a fight we gonna win. Here's the info on the little prick, hope some of you Eddyville boys are looking at this. Memorize his face, it should be appearing in your AO in about 3 years when it turns 18. On a legal note, Marshall County Court did fuck up, courts are PUBLIC not PRIVATE. You can't just close the proceedings to the public, we gonna tag you for that. You'll probably get by with it this time because he's a juvenile, but, now you've adulted him, any further closed proceedings will cause job losses. ;)
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