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More FBI failings.

It looks like under Obama, our government may have been at its most corrupt. Sounds almost Putin-esque in its attacks on challengers and people they don’t like.

This announcement/headline? They allowed what’s tantamount to evidence against an agent to be destroyed.



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    sradeski wrote: »
    ...under Obama, our government may have been at its most corrupt.
    "...may have been..." LOL
    Nixon has been spinning in his grave for years!
    This isn't Putin-esque. It's Stalin-esque. "Lock them or or kill them, just don't allow Dissent" was his Mantra. Peace Prize? He's Kidnapped, Tortured and Killed on a Level that makes Drug Cartels blush...
  • I was giving the benefit of the doubt.

    What’s I find funny about this is that some people commit crimes, identity theft, child porn, real snuff porn, hit man recruitment, etc. on their computers and destroy the hard drives after deleting files, and yet podunk police department and prosecutor can afford to have those files restored well enough to convict, but the Fed Gov, specifically the FBI in this instance, can’t restore texts that are supposed to be backed up and saved automatically? Never mind Lois Lerner and Hillary, but low level overall agents who’s devices donthings automatically!

    And this is swept under the rug thank to the shutdown, the NFL, and the Academy Awards announcements today...
  • Above the fold so to speak on Drudge today.

    FBI secret meetings after the election.

    Why can't we just call it like we see it. Anti FBI agents plotting to take down or politically damage a properly elected president or in layman terms Treason plotting against the government.
  • Because the media won’t say what it is or at least could be, and thebfew who call it what it is are dismissed as kooks thanks to the lib leaning media.
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