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Starving mob beat cattle to d eath with rocks in Venezuela

So what will those of you out there do to protect your livestock when a very hungry crowd gets close enough to topple your fences and beat your livestock to death with ROCKS !

I know what I will do, as a matter of fact I'm always working on a part of it.... RECRUITING !
That's right, what would be better when your country is imploding then to have some good solid friends living in the same neighborhood as you do ?
Even if it is just a couple of acres used for seasonal camping, so what, they are still LEGITIMATE TAX PAYING LAND OWNERS, and while not quite considered to be a true locals , they would still have a better standing then just ..... "These are just some of my friends who are now staying with us so you can trust them ."
Think about that after you have surveyed all that you have worked so hard for or have stockpiled thus far.

It's best to just leave this video muted as the soundtrack really sucks.

Starving mob beat cattle to death with rocks in Venezuela


  • Socialism at its best. Just goes to show what happens in some of the conflicted scenarios.
  • The abbreviated version.....
  • Pretty disturbing ehh ??
    Now how are YOU going to go about not letting something like that happen to your house pets/animals/livestock , whatever they may be that someone else wants to eat ???
  • Pick off trespassers from a mile...... just sayin.
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