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Reaction: perspective based on thread meditation on crowds

For original thread view http://www.threepercenters.org/discussion/637/meditations-on-crowds#latest

I have made this thread for those to begin posting their theories about what I actually meant by my posted response to Pastor Mikes thread.

Let’s have a discussion and don’t let any responses that you have already seen influence what you put here.

I would like to see honest first opinion reactions to the reply post I made.

This is a first of many thought experiments I would like to undertake


  • There are some Ideas that some may go along with because of a Learned Ability to count upon/trust our Members.

    However, I feel that there is typically alot of discussion and push-back for many threads. So while we are respectful of others' perceptions, we voice our own Beliefs and Findings when they run counter to a post.

    Even though we drift together for a common Purpose, by our very Natures we are Independent Thinkers/Actors. So we are less susceptible to GroupThink than many other Groups.
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    That was a great thread and the whole time i was reading it I was thinking about the Milgram Experiement which you all kind find a mini documentary about it on YouTube.

    The milgram experiement shows how humans will obey arbitrary authority figures just because they may seem “smarter” or have more qualifications than you do. To me this explains why during the Nuremberg trials some of the nazis used the “just following orders” excuse and later in the trails they ruled that “just following orders” isn’t an excuse to commit evil.

    I think the milgram experiement demonstrates a form of group think in that the majority of the crowd will do whatever the perceived authority figure says just because they perceive them as an authority figure.

    In the end we all have to adhere to some sort of sound principles and hold those principles in practice higher than anything else even the government specially when the government is wrong.

    “It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong” - Voltaire

  • Good idea for this thread Mr. T !

    WR, thank you for phrasing your first sentence there like you did.

    "There are some Ideas that some may go along with because of a Learned Ability to count upon/trust our Members."

    See that ?
    That is why every single time I tell you fine fellows anything about a Biblical interpretation or scripture verse, I always tell you to look it up and decide for yourselves .
    Just because someone with a title before their names tells you something ALWAYS question it, do the digging for yourself and see where the rabbit trail leads you.
    Now I truly hold dear the fact that so many of you believe me when I state something Biblical ..... as well you should. :D

    That is just one of the many things that I enjoy hanging out with you all is..... The fact that you are all so independent and will seek out the answers for yourselves.
    I truly do want to see all of you be leaders in your own right, and not let any "I'm Major Stars and Bars of the 2469 Militia Hunter-Killer Secret Detachment Corps and you will do as I say !" get in your way of making the hard choices for yourself and those around you.
    Lead on , each and everyone of you, lead on !
    No leader has all of the right answers all of the time, so don't beat yourself up about it. Study and learn how to bring out the best in those around you, for no selfish desires other then the satisfaction of seeing people become better then what they where. A real leader builds up those around them, not tear them down just so they feel good about themselves .

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