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Strong Men- Weak Men

edited January 19 in General
Just in case some of you never got the memo ........

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  • Great Summary of the Social Cycle.

    This is often also summarized as the Acquisition, Accumulation, Stagnation and Separation of Wealth through the Generations.
  • "When a man reaches a certain age where he doesn't want any drama, he doesn't want to fight with anyone , and if forced to, he will not fight fair....."

    Well said and rings of truth.
  • Why Thank You, I've been finding myself less and less inclined in having a soft word and a gentle hand when dealing with those who don't wish to handle reality with anything other then kids gloves and a whining attitude , and instead have been choosing a steel gauntlet and a bullhorn of sorts when addressing said drama queens .

    I'm getting too old to be putting up with the same old shit anymore, that or I'm just getting Pastor burnout.
  • Plus it is more rewarding with a steel gauntlet.
  • I turn the big 4-0 on super bowl sunday and I can attest to the fact some of us get onrier with age
  • I think that the skull grows thicker with age.
  • just the other weekend, I threatened this black jewish guy protesting downtown with sodomization and beheading for callin my girl aunt jemimah
  • Let me guess, he was calling himself “a true Israelite “ ?
  • yeah he was wearing purple....motherfucker saw my .44 and changed his tune quick....listen here, I don't give a fuck how many honkeys and peckerwoods you call me, that's cool, I'll just call you niggers and coons back.....but fuck with my woman, boy, and I will raIN Death upon you that makes Yahweh look like a pussy
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