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NJ and MA make bump stocks illegal

edited January 19 in News and Headlines
Not that I am a fan of them to begin with, stupid, uncomfortable, good for nothing if you know what the hell youre doing other than melting barrels and wasting money, but I am a fan of the Constitution.

It’s about stupid if you ask me. Political circus at its “finest”, and nothing more than that.




  • Surprised it took them this long.
  • I've kinda fancied one for years now, but I'm smart enough to know that your accuracy drops to about 0 with a bump stock. Just like when the hi-cap mag ban was coming around, I told myself I should cash in before...I didn't and I wish I had. I am wondering if I should get a bump stock (even keep in un-installed) just to get in before they lock it down. Isn't that stupid? I mean, I know it is. What a fucked up world we live in.
  • Magazines and firearms, yeah. But unless you have the semi auto 249, bump fire isn’t worth a damn IMHO.
  • Even when I had a full auto gun. I was much better in semi auto mode.

    Now it is just a waste of ammo to go full auto.

    That being said. Hopefully these get overturned
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