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Sweden Distributes 4.7 Million Leaflets on How to Prepare for War With Russia

Get your preps in order folks. Been working on mine. I’m going to plant a garden here pretty soon along with getting at least 6 months of storable food. The whole world is a giant powder keg right now and it’s only a matter of time till a spark lights the whole thing up.



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    Click on the PLAY icon and hear it for yourselves and follow what Peter has to report on the purposeful destruction of Sweden by their own leadership and the Muslim hoard that those who are guilty have happily let move in.

    Just wait till it kicks off here, the next major Crusade is looming above the whole world like a giant cresting wave getting ready to crash and break !
  • I can't wait. God's got a plan for me, I'm sure it will suck. But, I'll accomplish that mission with a smile, whatever it may be.
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