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Haitians eat dirt cookies to survive

How is this NOT a Shithole Country as President Trump put it so recently ? Would you stoop so low as this to feed your children or would you pick up a rock and bash in the brains of those trying to force you to live like this ?
Also as a side note, just imagine how much better off these poor people would be if the criminal Clinton's had not stolen millions upon millions from monies donated to relief projects to help these poor people instead of themselves.

Haitians eat dirt cookies to survive


  • Let's send all the Illegals that cross our Borders to Haiti. They must serve 2yrs in a Agricultural and Construction Kibbutz before they can leave.

    Maybe they'd think twice before counting upon USA Amnesty Programs to create Anchors and Chain Migration.
  • My ex-girlfriend is Haitian.
    I asked her about the dirt cookies.
    She says it's total bullshit.
  • Maybe she just doesn't like how they go with milk...... if they can ever get any that is ?
  • I think instead of calling them "cookies", they should call them "tiles".
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