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Geostorm: thoughts and review

Okay, so I just finished watching Geostorm. All in all, it’s not a bad movie. I don’t normally watch crap that comes from mainstream Hollywood, but weather manipulation had me intrigued.

I will do my best not to spoil anything for anyone. For those interested it releases in some digital format January 16th and on dvd the 28th. That being said, don’t ask.

Gerard Butlers performance was mediocre at best. Not that he has had any decent performances since 300 but it’s worth noting he did play the part of an errogant egotistical prick pretty well, and I could definitely relate to him in the first part of the movie.

Overall this flick wasn’t as predictable as I expected it to be, but obviously the main plots points were easy to telegraph. It had its little nuances and as I said before not all that bad.

Without any spoilers this is about the best review I can give. It is worth noting that after watching this I didn’t feel like I was cheated out of the entire two hours which is normally how I feel after walking away from a “blockbuster” film.
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