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What do we need tod?

Okay I want to put something out there. We have averaged about 300 page views a day over the last two months. Yesterday we had nearly 1200 and zero posts. What can we do to create more engagement. I’m not saying we need to be Facebook. But I would love to see more interaction on site.

Also we would like to do something to help drive our membership up. This can be done by simply sharing the site on social media, amongst friends and colleagues. Anyone you see that might be interested.

Also I am looking for ideas as for what you all would like to be able to find when you arrive on site. I have had very little feedback as to the changes thus far, and I know it’s only been a short while and we all have lives away from here. But this is your site as much as anyone’s. Let’s discuss what you really want. And When we decide on something I’ll see if we can make it happen.


  • Perhaps the ability to choose between several different themes? Some prefer light on dark, dark on light, etc due to their eyes.

    I like the darkish background, but this is too dark. Several options would allow ppl to choose which is best for them.

    Otherwise, I really like it. Just because ppl don't have time to post, doesn't mean that we don't appreciate reading what others HAVE.

    I read several per break, but often don't have much feedback, so I don't reply.
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    I'd like a Coffee or Oatmeal color Theme. Tans and browns.
  • I asked before, and told everyone my abilities were limited.

    Now we have Taurarious back and working at getting us fine tuned, so speak up.

    Colors and themes won’t be the key, we only had two options on the old site and they weren’t that great, but we still had conversation. Would theme options be nice? Yes, but we need discussion. What will help generate discussion?

    Or do some of you think like I do and believe that we have fallen off because of Trump? People like us feel safer over all so they have slacked off more and despite having a good core, we’re not having the short term transient members generating conversation and adding to them randomly?
  • When Trump first got into office, many people began slacking immediately. We got our boy in the house, and everything will be fine mentality kicked in. He’s not pushing gun control, confiscation, etc so, many people have stuck their heads back in the sand.
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    But... but.....but ...... everything is beginning to go so well, we just have to believe that the dark forces have been beaten back for good this time.
    "Annie" (1982) - Tomorrow

    When in reality .........

    The Empire is getting ready to STRIKE BACK !!!

  • Now is the time to build our strength, in preparation for whoever the next president is going to be.
  • Yep, and them fancy-schmancy new fangled tax-reduction rates means that We now got us-all a large "Billy Martin" [gambling-slang for a Second Chance] to get our finances into the Black [no debt, no credit cards--of which I am chief-of-sinners, etc.].

    Then, we can kick-into higher gear our alls preparations for the Big Collapse/ catastrophe.
    Beans, Bullets, Band-aides, belts and Bibles.
  • I don't comment back much when I'm on the road due to using my phone for a computer. When I get home I'll see how the new colors work on something bigger but hard for me to read on my little phone is not good. Looks cool though.
  • Not real keen on the darker board either. Maybe I'm just getting old.
  • I’ve noted the comments of a darker board and am working on a tan theme. Do something with the mobile theme to make it more closely match full site
  • Seriously though. What else do you want to see? I want to make this a one stop patriot Home on the web
  • I would like to have a constitutional education page. Would anyone like to volunteer to gather links and educational materials. I can do all the organizing on the site, but with everything else I’m doing it will take much longer if I go it alone.
  • Like mmr1 I'm old the lighter colors are easier for me to read. The news page is a great idea. You all are doing a great job on the site. Thanks
  • I've been wanting to ask since this thread started .......... who or what is "TOD", as in the thread's title ? :D
  • Tod could mean anything.

    Team Of Deplorbales

    i could also be a typo. to do - without the spacing or the letter o

    it could also just be a random name to draw attention. People may read just because they want to know who Tod is.

    it can be whatever you want. In essence Tod = Carl only im not asking you to shut the F#$K up.
  • Hehehhehehehheheheheeee just couldn't resist ...... time for morning coffee now !

    See "coffee" was NOT a typo, I don't drink none of those sissy foo foo caffeine drinks like Carl ^^^^^^^ does hence telling him to shut the F#$k up about them, BLACK AND HOT, the only way to have it.
    Now back in yer hole ya damn uncivilized mook !
  • BTY..... I really do like how you color accented the words from the symbols on the sidebar and header area, they are now quite pleasing to the eyes, do keep up the grand work that you are doing Darling, it looks MARVELOUS !!!

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