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WikiLeaks Tech Guru found dead.


  • I hate these articles. Almost like click bait

    He died of suicide under suspicious circumstances, Why not go into details.

    What was suspicious
    Who would want him dead
    Where did this take place at
    Who is investigating.
    When did this happen

    I mean do they even teach journalism any more? Or do they just teach how to write a headline.

    I would be interested in knowing more why can't they write meat and potatoes articles anymore
  • The sad part is this is the “stock” article. Even the ones I’ve found that are different are just as vague.

    You all know I’m not a conspiracy guy, and I don’t like vague articles, but occasionally, I’m going to share or bite my tongue when someone else shares because things just don’t add up.

    To add more questions, Blacksheep,
    what is their purpose in being so vague?
    Are they scared?
    Are they just trying to get us going?
    Are they being intellectually honest and asking these questions because the situation stinks, but they simply aren’t getting the answers?

    There’s a lot that I’m wondering specifically, but I won’t discuss out loud because it is all just supposition at this point. And vague and unlikely supposition at that, but maybe worth thinking and discussing.
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