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Does anyone else feel the same way?

When your about to take a rattle can of paint to a new gun?

I was about to do one of my AR's in a darker greenish camo pattern. I always feel funny taking a spay can to a gun.


  • I've painted a number of rifles with rattle can camo paint.
    It is all in the prep. Clean it very well, mask the bits you don't want to be painted, and then prime it with "self etching" primer. The primer actually etches itself into the metal of the rifle, this will allow the paint to strongly adhere to the primer / rifle.
    They all have turned out great..
  • ^ Will the paint be solvent resistant?
  • The paint job sands up well to your normal cleaning procedure, get some on the paint, wipe it off. I have not tried giving the whole rifle a dunk in Hoppe's, but that would be the test of all tests... Hell, I'm in...
  • Why not use Keracoat? There are HighTemp, oven-bake, and air cure versions.
  • Its youre gun, do what you want to it. I felt weird the first time I did, but I also realized I didnt have the money for cerakote any time soon and wanted the metal protected in the mean time. They can strip rattle can off if you get it done with cera or other comparable coating.
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