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Apologies for the blackout....

Nothing to worry about, just a hitch in our giddyup is all. The server updated, but didn’t warn us, and with a few other little non issues at the same time, we had an issue.

We’re back, with my sincere apologies.


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    WOW! I went to log in and the search result said i didn't have permission to access the server. I thought I was banned so I called PM the first words out of his mouth were "the site is down". We had a good chat about the phone tree. PM, Irishgreenman and scoutone are the only numbers in my phone. I replaced my PC a couple of months ago and my phone tree list got lost in the shuffle.

    It's ok Brother we all booboo once in a while'
  • Yup I had a really good talk with my boy Leviathon, then Barrett followed by a few others texting me.
    We gotta work at developing and acting upon the Phone Tree when the call goes out guys, practice makes perfect right ?
  • It's good that the System worked. I got the 500 Error and would have called PM tomorrow around Noon, if still no Joy.

    PM's the only 1 who has my #. He's used it exactly once, and I appreciate that. Only for Emergencies. Sorry to everyone else. Maybe I should give it to someone else in case something really terrible happened.

    Who else wants to be my Phone Tree Buddy? Leviathon, are you in Colorado or another State? I'd like to spread out geographically w someone from the Midwest maybe.

    Scout, Ironhorse, Barrett, MopPedal, and LastPat all also come to mind as good Choices. Someone send me a pm and I'll send my #. B)
  • I didn't see my messages, 2 of them, till this morning and went to the site and saw it was up again. Do we have an actual phone tree in print? In my prison ministry we have on set up so one person has 2 or 3 others to call. I have an old list, but if we could get one printed as a tree and sent out that would help.
  • No “official” phone tree.

    However, I have 6 phone numbers, one of those has several others, and I am told a couple of those have a few more that none of the others do. I don’t like the idea of an official tree, we aren’t like that. We are a meeting of minds, nothing else(officially).

    But that doesn’t mean we can’t spread the word, whether it’s just a site failure, intentional temporary outage, or something larger where info can help others. I know an unofficial tree is being developed after a fashion, so if you want on it, let others know here for now, but do it via pm. For now at least.....
  • For the record i have 15, you know who you are if you have given that info to me, if not you all know how to reach me.
  • I agree with the phone tree. However, my last computer shorted out after my grandson thought it needed a drink of beer. Long story short, my list was lost and when the old site went down, I had no access to my list.
  • I have 16 contacts. Not sure if they are all still currently active. I will pm them and see what I get back.
  • I got the text.
    So I. was glad I just have a couple of numbers from here.
  • It worked for me.I received two texts the site was down.
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