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Blessings ....

edited January 10 in The Chapel
Blessings come in many different shapes and sizes and at many different times in our lives , and it's up to us and us alone to not only recognize them for what they are when they take place, that's the EASY PART. The HARDEST PART, and I do mean HARD comes in accepting the blessing when it is presented to you by someone that you know, let alone a stranger.

Please heed my advice when I tell you that PRIDE is not only a sin, and I don't mean the kind of Pride that you put into a job well done, no I mean the Pride that gets in the way of humbling yourself and accepting help when help is offered.

PRIDE ..... it can be a real M***** F****** !!!

So get started working at getting over it, the sooner that you do the sooner that you start becoming a true Blessing to those around you, and those that you meet at the tire shop or wherever you my find yourself.

Oh and one last thing.........Green Helps Green, don't ever forget that. I did, and I got reminded of it myself today...... THANK YOU , you know who you are.


  • Pride and Greed will get you killed quicker than anything in my line of work
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