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Sign Petition to Appoint Larry Klayman Special Counsel to Prosecute the Clintons and Obamas


  • with greatest pleasure! >:)
  • I just did. But think this was just to gather my info. :'( :s

    "Please check your inbox
    A confirmation message has been sent to ********.com. This is used to verify your petition, which will not be counted until you click the link in the email.

    Once you are confirmed, your name and comments will appear publicly on this page."
  • Every on-line petition I have seen is for collecting your info.
  • Whitehouse.gov and others simply log an IP or MAC. Not phish for info.

    This petition is for collecting marketing info, not actually petitioning the Gov't. This is why I hate MRC and others. They claim 1 thing, but then commit fraud. I'll never support any group that tries to trick me. Not for ANY reason. :'(
  • I'll have to see how easy it is to dig up, but I read a story about Obama being busted for some large bank account he has in the Philippines...I guess his father was from there?? I don't know, what a f'n mess this is, the shit they allow to run for office or actually be President has lost all meaning.
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