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New members..

We have several new applicants, I’d like to welcome them with the new year and apologize for the delay.

So, Welcome. Please introduce yourselves and let us get to know you so we can get approved beyond applicant ASAP.


  • Is there a Splash at Sign-up telling them that they need to post Intros? Maybe they don't know.
  • Hurry up Noobs so that we may all greet you to our Family. B) o:)
  • Greetings all. I'm new here and wanted to say hello. I'm a 40 year veteran of volunteer firefighting in Western NY. 20 years EMS, Work commercial construction as Safety director. Hold an Extra class ham radio license and have a deep unwavering love for America. My deepest desire is to protect and serve my Country and community and make sure my children and grandchildren have the opportunity to live in a free Republic. God bless America!
  • Welcome aboard gil, from the mountains of North Carolina state.
  • Hello and Welcome from North Georgia...
  • Welcome aboard gil from Wisconsin
  • Welcome from s.e. Tn.
  • Welcome from the Communist held state of Western Washington
  • Thanks for joining, welcome from California
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