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New AR

So, I recently sold my LWRC because our car decided to give us serious issues, and used the rest for a deposit on a custom competition bolt gun build.

I’m now back in the market for another AR. It’s been a little while since we hashed this out so I thought we would reopen this can of worms.

No “build it yourself” this time. I’m spending a lot of time working with my smith on my bolt gun and something else, I don’t want to add this into the mix.

I know which way I am leaning, but I know a few of you out there have some reasonably priced AR’s that you’ve put through their paces and probably had to replace the rings on, so I figured I’d ask, we could discuss, and maybe I’ll change my mind and save enough to take another class later this spring.

Frankwhite, how are those Colt LE’s running these days?

Anyone running an FN outside of LE or the military?



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    PSA has their cold hammer forged mid length uppers on sale right now for $349. This is my preferred upper, I have had several and never had an issue. This is the same upper that Battle Field Vegas is now using.


    From what I understand this is an FN barrel.
  • The FN rifles are not coming off the same production line as the military variants, as Colt was when they had the contract. Colt has had some interesting things going on the last couple years, not for the better. Your best bet will be a used SR15, maybe a legacy E3 IWS. If you can't find one in the price range your after, get a LMT or BCM.
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