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Sig P226 Recoil Spring Feels Odd

My recoil spring hasn’t been changed in the 2000-2500 rounds, but it feels loose, spongy, and the last time I racked it, it seemed to choke on the HP round That I run in it. Thoughts?


  • New spring time. I replace mine at about 2500 if I’m running hot, 3000-4000 if I’m running light competition loads.

    They are cheap, and you can tune your pistol with them to some extent. Check out the GrayGuns springs, I have several laying around for replacements when I burn through one.
  • Thank you sradeski!
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    Check Wolff Springs out as well. I have a Wolff in right now from their calibration pack, and switch between the light and heavy springs depending on whether I’m running it in a match or slapping hollow points back in it for home defense. I spent $45 to get every spring eating they make, and found the two that work for my current loads, and 2 for “oh crap I forgot to order more” that aren’t perfect feel but run perfectly. Between them and Gray Guns, you can’t go wrong.

    If you just want it to run right, just get a factory weight, they tend to run everything.

    https://www.gunsprings.com/SIG-SAUER (SIGARMS)/P226/cID1/mID4/dID254#303

  • I replace recoil springs annually in the handguns that I shoot, I second the factory weight Wolff springs.
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