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A kindle book suggestion from Houston.


"Good book. Amazing story.
By JerradMcDonald2 on August 14, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
First, I heard this cat on the World Famous Michael Berry Show (ding!). Pretty cool story; the dude is homeless and wrote this book at a library piece by piece with the help of friendly librarians.
Ok, there are a lot of grammatical errors and inconsistencies. Even so, I would like to see a polished version of Cristina's Tribulation. I would definitely read it again. If he were to get proper guidance, the author could easily squeeze 500 pages out of this turnip and make it compelling. Maybe even spin it into a series. I couldn't help but think of The Dark Tower series as I read this."
It's about a woman surviving through an EMP detonation that allows the UN to send troops to the USA. Religion is outlawed, etc.

Apparently it's a pretty good story written by a homeless guy. If anyone is looking for something Topical to read, and want to support a struggling Author, check it out. (Though it's currently not available for some reason. People have bought it, and reviewed it. So it should be back up soon.)
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