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Conflicted #x^3

[Instead of a #, I used (X cubed) for the Value.]

The Fuel Storage Tanks at various Refineries have been contaminated w substances which seize up Pistons, clog fuel lines/injectors/turbine sprays/etc. The dispersal was a coordinated Inside Job timed to hit the Holiday Travel. Nearly ALL Filling Stations, Storage Tanks, Airports, Trains, etc are shut down and Authorities are scrambling to find untainted supplies.

Military vehicles are largely unaffected because of their added screening at point-of-delivery. Also, the Diesels can be powered by other sources. Bases rotate which Tanks they use throughout the year, so the Saboteurs who were caught tampering w the Tanks were the only ones able to access them. Therefore, only certain Bases and certain Tanks were contaminated.

There isn't enough Military Supply to give the Commercial Air/Land/Rail/Oceanic Vessels, so 85% of Travelers are stuck where they are, and Transport has ground to a halt w untainted fuel being more valuable than any Commodity which they would deliver.

Food, Coal (electricity,) etc is only expected to last 2-3 days now. Anyone not prepared will have to turn to "other means" of survival.

What do you do...? Hours, Days, Weeks.


  • This is my Christ's Mass present to you all. o:) B)
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    I'm glad I keep a 160 gallon ethanol free reserve supply. I built a special fuel Shed to hold 2 55gal. drums and 6 20lb propane bottles. Because of the angle of the drums they only hold about 40 gal each.

  • Damn this is a good scenario. Honestly I’d be screwed but I would look to obtaining some horses at this point.
  • I would say I would do a couple things.

    First thing is I'm going to raid suburban propane, Amergas, Ferrell gas, or one of the propane supply places. One of the deliver trucks or semi trailers will just go missing.

    Second project will be to bunker up. Make sure the garden and greenhouse are taken care of. Focus on taking care of my AO, patrol with my neighbors.

    Limit the use of my gas or diesel supply for only the most extreme needs. And I would probably raid all the McDonald's and burger kings around stock up on bio fuel diesel and focuse on supplies to convert that.

    Seeing how the law would be under the same supply struggles I would feel confident that the strong could raid and take what they need better act like sheep but show your teeth when needed.

    Here is where I would have to make some tough choices I train with a small group but none of them are even 1/2 as prepared as I would be. Do I leave them or take them in.

    If I did the latter then I would be forced into more raids to focus on build supplies to last.
  • Well that is why we raised Donkeys and trained them, but we had to sell off three of the bigger ones this past summer due to finances but we kept the two Miniature Donkeys ( Jenny's/ females) and will be getting a cart for them soon. My Granddaughters can ride them bareback but a wagon/tack is what we really want to get in the near future.
    Other then that we would just use homemade panyards for the girls to carry what we need in addition to our Gorilla heavy-duty garden cart that we use everyday around here to move whatever we need to.

    Ours are like the two grey shaggy ones playing with the little girl in the video below.
    Pets 101- Mini Donkeys

    10 Best garden utility trailer that You Should Get Now (Review 2017)
  • I have that exact cart... I use it all over the property. The tires had a vile smell for about a year.!

    No Donkeys Yet...

    I do stockpile Non-Ethanol Gas...Use it and replenish...

    Other than that... Bicycles, rollerblades, legs...
  • Your right about the stink, they are something horrible .
    I want to get another cart in the spring as we keep finding ourselves waiting for the one we have to be free when we can really get going on the nicer days around here.
    We haven't had any blowouts yet but eventually I would like to have all the tires replaced with those foam cored ones. But only when they go on sale ... hehehehee
  • I'm going to call BlackSheep as the Winner. I hadn't thought of raiding the LPG Distributor. >:)

    Honorable mentions to sovereignbob and PM. Bob b/c he will use Bicycles and other non-living modes, and PM for already having donkeys that are trained and provide extra motive force for hauling what might take humans FAR more energy.

    Do any of you know HOW to make wheels in case the Carts' break? It's not that tough to make wooden ones. The Rims are the toughest part and wear the quickest, that;s why old-timers would wrap them w a metal strip to decrease wear. (Hint: use a circular cask lid, or arrange boards of 2"x8" and mount them at 90* like strips of plywood and coat w pine resin. Soak the rim in water to make it soft enough to form. Then char it to deposit carbon as a protective coating and prevent shivers.)
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    This is just one cache the others are at different locations. This was taken before the valves were put on the drums.
    fuel shed.jpg
    1600 x 2560 - 1M
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