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North Korea begins testing mounting anthrax onto ICBMs, report says

“North Korea is beginning tests on mounting anthrax onto intercontinental ballistic missiles that would strike the U.S., a report said on Wednesday just two days after the White House’s U.S. National Security Strategy stated Kim Jong Un is pursuing chemical and biological weapons.”



  • Time to level that place. I feel bad for all the sick/starving & dying out there, but either they die or many over here die. I guess it's more plausible that our allies die..so we have a responsibility.
  • All I need is a booster, Im good.
  • I haven't had a booster in about 5 years.......
  • Yea. This has bad all written over it
  • Turn North Korea into a parking lot.
  • No need to kill them.

    Drop in massive amounts of food, cookbooks, medicines and international cell phones, put an AWACS as close to their airspace as we can that will relay the internet to those phones, and then three days later drop in crates of guns and ammo.

    See how long that regime lasts then. Fewer civilian casualties, probably cheaper than multiple missiles, and we help them help themselves all at the same time.
  • They're too brainwashed/conditioned to heed Reason. They will say that the info is Western Lies or the Work of Satan.

    The good news, ICBMs aren't a good delivery method. I'd be more afraid if they were launching balloons from subs off the Coast.

    A good group of Neutron bombs would cure that Region of ALOT of ills. Show that the USA is STILL willing to continue what we started in 1945. Being the only Nation to use Nukes in Warfare against the Populace. A Minuteman III w a MERV would allow all the other Nations to see it's trajectory and know who we were targeting so that they needn't reply.
  • The defector from the other day has anthrax antibodies. Saw in the news this morning the CIA director at a private party of think tank people was saying war with the north by march.

    This whole thing is going south
  • They're too brainwashed/conditioned to heed Reason. They will say that the info is Western Lies or the Work of Satan.

    I woke up late this morning (7:15am) and had not yet had my first mug of cooooofffffeeeeee..... so I at first thought for some reason that you were talking about California / Washington D.C. , and I was agreeing with you .
    Then I realized just what you were talking about ...... I need more cooofffeeee.
  • My wife and I are watching "THE PROPAGANDA GAME" over supper, if you really want to understand just how much the N. Koreans hate us and why they would not raise up and overthrow the commie regime then watch the whole thing, and get ready to get pissed off.

  • Not to mention all the MILLIONS and BILLIONS that WE THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER have given to North Korea over the years.

    Did the U.S. Really Pay North Korea 'Extortion Money' for 25 Years? Fact-Checking Trump's Tweet

    The worse North Korea acts, the more cash aid it gets
  • Excellent film. This is an insane Regime, promoting insane Policies.

    I'm reading Tom Clancy's "Full Force and Effect" right now. I'd HIGHLY recommend it.
  • Maybe we could eventually have a BOOK AND MOVIE category down the line ?
  • When I watch the ppl overly-dramatically wailing over Dear Leader's Death to avoid execution, it reminds me of Obummer Rallies where ppl were fainting, gasping, and mouthing "i love you" to OUR Dear Leader...

    The girl complains that NK has only 1 channel. USA had 3 channels all telling the same lies. Which is worse? The Illusion of Choice w lies tailored to each Demographic?

    Is believing the discovery of a Unicorn really so different than Global Warming? If ppl use the Scientific Method to review GW, they face: job loss, censure, social stigmatization and outcast. How are WE so different from NK under the Dems of THIS country? It's just that NK succeeded in what the USA Left WISHES to accomplish.

    I wish that USA Libs had fled to NK after Trump won. THAT would have been Justice!
  • While watching that movie last night every time one of those Westerners praised how much they LOOOOOVE living in N.K. and how many outside of that country would wish to live as they do, I kept saying to the T.V. ..... "Then why don't they just open up immigration to all of the Bernie Sanders fans, ANTIFA, Redneck Revolt and all of the other commie bastards in this country and let them see just how really bad it is living in a system like that before they destroy ours !"

    I still haven't gotten a response from the boob-tube yet...... :D

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