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The Veritable and Versatile Wool Blanket

Some of you guys can afford to buy the latest and greatest in gear and that is cool, but what do you do if it is lost or stolen ?
Many more of you fellows are trying to plan on how to equip your small group with the meager resources that you have at your disposal, so why not go with what has worked for a very long time, learn some new skills and don't break the bank while doing so ?

I give to you..... The Wool blanket !

Sleeping in a wool blanket

Blanket Tech Part One

Blanket Tech Part Two

Minimalist Blanket Pack


  • Those were pretty good. I actually learned a few things.

    (See, I'm not one of those guys that thinks he knows everything.)
  • Those were pretty good. I actually learned a few things.

    (See, I'm not one of those guys that thinks he knows everything.)

    Whereas some of us have forgotten a whole heck of a lot due to TBI's.
    Look at the old-school ways of doing things and see where you can take from there and merge with modern products, never stop learning.
    It is a good day when you learn something new that you never knew before.

  • PM I feel like you’ve been watching my bank statements, and clueing in on my purchases.....
  • edited December 2017
    Oh I might start a thread off with some weird stuff now and then but it's all for a reason, that of which I leave to you all to sift through and take from it what you may.
    I don't want to see any of you fine gents get caught up in believing that in order to be a well equipped Patriot and be taken seriously by all the other well dressed Militia men about town, that you need to look as CONVENTIONAL and up to MIL-SPEC as possible.

    Nothing could be further from the truth, quite the contrary..... I WANT YOU TO SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ANYONE WHO EVEN THINKS ABOUT TAKING YOU ON DUE TO HOW YOU LOOK !!!

    If you can avoid a fight and save those in your charge due to looking like a deranged Mountain Man then so be it, I have done my job, and you live to fight another day.

    NEVER ..... fight the enemy on his terms or conditions no matter who he may be, use what works for you and you alone son.

  • Sun Tzu says:
    When you are weak, make your enemy think you are strong; and when you are strong, make your enemy think you are weak.

    ^ Good shit.

    l liked my own post! :D
  • Some of my most expensive gear is wool blankets and merino underwear and socks. I grab up Woolrich blankets whenever I can find them on sale.
  • Harbor Freight has some for $11.99, but they give out all kinds of coupons so I'm sure that you could get them for even less, plus if you have one of their stores in your area you will save on the shipping.
    We are actually getting one of their stores down in Canon City, that's in CO., and it's supposed to be opening up this month so I'm kinda excited as to what bargains I can pick up.

  • Any wool-mixture blankets from India, Israel and/ or these here United States is Worthy and proper for almost any protection from the elements, even for interior re-enforcemnts of doors and windows from ye ol Polar Vortexes
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