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How to Make Moccasins

So what are you going to do after your boots start to fall apart and there are no more good footwear to be scrounged from the dead ???

Why, make your own foot gear !!!

How to make moccasins part 1

How to make moccasins part 2


  • Elk Hide Side Seam Moccasins lined with Beaver Fur lowers and Wool lined, Calf High Uppers

  • I wanted to make sleeping booties out of fleece for when I camp in cold weather so I don't have to sleep in my boots.
    I figured that would breathe better and be more comfortable.

    The last time I camped in cold weather, I wore five pairs of socks to sleep, and my feet were still cold! :D
  • There ya go, great idea !
    Take from this what you may and make it your own.
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