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  • I'm more than happy to be the one to inform Mr. Chicago there that unless US troops are used in that UN Force, the bangers will make VERY short work of them. The down side is, Crips & Bloods would be driving white apc"s with graffiti all over them within the first month. Once they kill all the UN forces and confiscate their equipment, who's gonna kill the Crips & Bloods? Gonna send in the Marines? Or, maybe that's your friggin goal dumbass? Then there's scenario number 2, all us friggin hillbillies come out of the woodwork and join forces with the bangers, cause in case you forgot Mr. Chicago, the "enemy of my enemy is my friend". Bangers or not, they are OUR countrymen, you bring in foreign troops to pacify them, the veterans of this nation won't take to kindly to that. You think 6 or 700 bodies per year is a big pile? Bring in foreign troops and watch us go to work on them UNRESTRAINED by ROE. Your city would burn, and so would most of this nation. So, be my guest, go ahead and start WWIII.
  • IT'd be a darn shame if an EMP "accidentally" detonated over Chi-ca-go. Then maybe THE PEOPLE could reclaim the Land.
  • Chicago... Srebrenica; whats the difference?
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    Scout is right it would provoke an unprecedented up roar from the American people on both ides of the political spectrum. For the most part the Police Superintendent is correct in theory, Illinouis is not a member State of the U.N. but there are provisions with in Constitution and the United Nations Charter that allow the occupation of non-member States.

    We would not be going trough this if the Military had enforced "The Law of Peace" following the United States occupation of the "several states". The Reconstruction Acts of 1867 and 1868 did not replace the "Leibor Code" as our Martial Law occupation but seemed to re-enforcde it in all of the States to include the North.
  • Would it take a Unanimous Vote by the 5 Parties of the Security Council to send in UN Troops?

    Under Trump, USA would veto this. Under Obummer.... Better that that Chapter is closed.

    I suppose that they could request additional funding for "Peacekeeping Ops" by the Local Police Forces. It would be a Backdoor Usurpation of USA Sovereignty. We pay the Lion's Share of UN costs, so it would be an End Run around the USA Congress.
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