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Stolen Valor

Why i ask. Why do individuals who claim to be what they are not, keep insulting those of us who are? Folks, those of us who have served, be it peacetime or war, have FAR to many methods of finding out the truth, to be fooled for very long. When you claim to be one of us, and are not, it's an insult to every man/woman who ever has, is currently, and in the future, served. It hurts us, it pisses us right the f off. We generally respect ALL people, so, don't disrespect us by claiming to be one of us. We KNOW when you are lying. It's never very long before you say something that we know is not correct. It's called uniformity. We are the same, YOU are different. We WILL EVENTUALLY catch you. And when we do...... http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/12/15/new-york-man-accused-fabricating-decorated-green-beret-military-career.html


  • I claim what I did, nothing more.

    If you’ve got the balls to claim it, you should have the balls to go do it. Get off of amazons medal section and go EARN them.

    Too bad they are all pussies and bullies.
  • What an ass hat
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