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Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is DEAD as of this afternoon.

I have no idea what this may mean for this site since ISP’s can now legally block content. I just know neutrality and full access is what SHOULD be allowed and one of the few things mandated by the government.

That’s what the government is supposed to do, right? Protect freedoms and against monopolies or forced services or restrictions via monopoly of service providers in an area?

I’m still reading more about what happened, and how it could play out, but definitely wanted to share now so you could all start looking in to it and see how it may effect us all here and other places you may visit.


  • Just a thought but maybe if we start seeing a lot of censorship we could put this site on the TOR browser as a .onion Site instead of .com. The TOR browser is just as easy to use as any other browser and it comes installed with all of the proxies you need to bypass any sort of website restrictions. If you set up TOR with a VPN your ISP will be pretty hard pressed to know what sites you’re visiting.
  • I think both sides have valid arguments for and against net neutrality but at the end of the day what it comes down to is that we can be censored with or without net neutrality so would you rather be censored by a corporation or would you rather be censored by an omnipotent benevolent government? I’d rather be censored by a corporation. It sucks that it has to be “the lesser of two evils” argument though.
  • I wish that they had kept the best Aspects of Each. No censorship, but can throttle NetFlix, Youtube, etc. That way the bandwidth is limited, but NOT blocked.
  • Censorship will cost in the end, free market solutions will prevail as the consumers will gravitate toward freedom as pendulum swings...
  • Is anyone using a VPN

    Use one for work. Not at home though.
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